The Hidden One.

  • Cult Center: Thebes, the temples of Luxor and Karnak.

  • Attributes: Early, a god of air and wind. Later, a fertility god. The Creator of all things. During the New Kingdom he became "The king of the gods". He was said to be able to assume any form he wished, with each of the other gods being one of these forms. From the eighteenth dynasty on he was a national deity. Through political means managed to assimilate many lesser gods.

  • Representation: A bearded Man wearing a cap surmounted by two tall plumes. A ram, a ram headed man, or a ram headed sphinx.

  • Relations: Self created at the beginning of time. Believed to be the physical father of all Pharaohs.

  • Other Names: Amon, Amen, Amen Ra, Amon Re



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The next god is Ammut.

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