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Work begins February 2000

. . As you can see, 4 months of hard work in the bar really paid off. The unfinished walls are only a memory now. Some of the finishing touches were to include a rendering of the sky goddess Nut and the ancient Egyptian constellations painted on the arches and ceiling. These paintings may never be completed as it was a real pain in the neck ... literally


Bar is up and running by 7/12/00

. . . The bar features cherry cabinets, an Indiana Jones pinball machine. And my favorite piece, at the far end of the bar is a life size Sarcophagus. It is more than just a beautiful piece of art, it is also CD and DVD storage.

. . . Behind the bar, a Pharaoh's Head sculpture accompanies a display of bottles in the shape of a pyramid. One of my favorite pieces at the bar is this winged solar disk clock, similar to the one in my painting Last Call, and a Pyramid Ales neon sign. You can just begin to see the stars of the constellations that are gold-leafed on the ceiling.




. . .

. Hathor Columns

. . . . The pillars on the corners of the bar were actually the initial inspiration for the bar's design. They came from an old fireplace mantel that was in storage at a friend's house. I noticed that upside down these little columns took on the shape of a lotus column. The addition of the Hathor capitals was inspired by my visit to the temple of Hathor at Dendera. Four plaster Hathor faces make up the capital of each column. What better company could you keep than the goddess of music, joy and love?

. . ... . .. . . ... . .. . . ... . ..

Appropriately for a bar, the cherry cabinets' finish is called Cabernet.
This picture shows the scarab door knobs, which were each individually cast.
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