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 General Egyptian History

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Atlas of Ancient Egypt

By John Baines and Jaromir Malek
Published by Checkmark Books
Hardcover - 240 pages


G. Eric Hansen

. . One of the finest summations of ancient Egyptian civilization ever written. for the general reader. Not only is this an exellent introduction to many aspects of Egypt, it is a visual delight.


The World of the Pharaohs

by Christine Hobson and Thomas J. Logan
Published by Thames and Hudson
Paperback - 192 pages


Charleston Evening Post

. . A book that can be read from start to finish just for the pleasure of it and then kept on the shelf as an excellent reference work.


Splendors of an Ancient Civilization

by Alerto Siliotti
Published by Thames and Hudson
Hardcover - 290 pages


Science News
. Exquisite color photographs and illustrations.

Interior Design
. . A visual feast and a welcome addition to the literature of Egyptian design.


An Egyptian Bestiary

by Philippe Germont, Jacques Livet (Photographer), Philippe Germond
Published by Thames & Hudson
Hardcover - 224 pages


From Publishers Weekly

. Philippe Germond, a professor of Egyptology at the University of Geneva, has created An Egyptian Bestiary, highlighting, in 280 lavish color illustrations, the Egyptian perception of animals as representations of divine creativity, from the secular and mundane world of craftsmen to the sacred realm of priests, pharaohs and gods.


Description de l'Egypte

by Gilles Neret
Published by TASCHEN America Llc
Paperback - 1005 pages


. . These are the drawings and plans made by Napoleon Bonaparte's army of scholars and artists during his disastrous invasion of Egypt.



The Ancient Egyptians
Their Life and Customs

by J. Gardner Wilkinson
Published by Bonanza Books
Hardcover -800+ pages


. . Writen in 1836 it is often outdated but it iremains a wealth of information, beautiful woodcuts, diagrams and charts.


Egypt and the Egyptians

by Douglas J. Brewer, Emily Teeter
Published by Cambridge Univ Press
Paperback - 218 pages


Francesca Jourdan

. . A great book for beginners of Ancient Egypt. It covers the history, cities, government, geography, language, beliefs, art, architecture, tombs, religion, monotheism, gods, society, marriage, entertainment, dress, jewelry and the Nile river. The authors also discuss the ancient Egyptians' beliefs in life and their conception of death. Black and white illustrations.


Ancient Egypt
Its Culture and History

by Jon Ewbank Manchip White
Published by Dover
Paperback - 217 pages


. . This is an informative introduction to Egypt. However, it is sparsely illustrated with 48 black and white photo's. A good book for beginners.


Sunrise of Power
Ancient Egypt, Alexander and the World of Hellenism

by Joyce Milton
Published by Edgel Comm
Hardcover - 167 pages


. . This is an informative introduction to the Egyptian Empire thru Alexanders conquests in Egypt. Nicely illustrated with color and black and white photo's. A nice coffee table book.


The Pyramids and Sphinx
Egypt Under the Pharaohs

by Desmond Stirling Stewart
Published by W.W. Norton & Company
Hardcover - 172 pages


. . This is an informative overview of Egypt. Nicely illustrated with color and black and white photo's. Makes a good coffee table book.


The Dwellers on the Nile
The Life, History, Religion, and Literature of the Ancient Egyptians

by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge
Published by Dover
Paperback - 326 pages


. . The basics, rather dry reading. Watch out for Sir Budge's translations of glyphs which are considered outdated.



Life in Ancient Egypt

by Adolf, Erman,
Jon Manchip White introduction,
H. M. Tirard Translator
Published by Dover
Paperback - 326 pages


sailoil from Dublin Ireland

. . Enduring Quality. Erman wrote this book at the end of the 19th century and it is a testament to his scholarship that the work is still as relevant today despite all our advances in archeology. he succeeds in presenting an accessible but thoroughly presented account of Egyptian daily life at all strata from Slave to Pharaoh.

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