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An Egyptian Bestiary

by Philippe Germont, Jacques Livet (Photographer), Philippe Germond
Published by Thames & Hudson
Hardcover - 224 pages


From Publishers Weekly

. Philippe Germond, a professor of Egyptology at the University of Geneva, has created An Egyptian Bestiary, highlighting, in 280 lavish color illustrations, the Egyptian perception of animals as representations of divine creativity, from the secular and mundane world of craftsmen to the sacred realm of priests, pharaohs and gods.


Love Songs of the New Kingdom

by John L. Foster
Univ of Texas Press
Paperback - 120 pages



. Finally a book of Egyptian love poetry for people with enough of Budge to recognize a hieroglyph or two :-) More seriously the hieroglyphs are primarily "atmosphere" in this text. Curiously, the hieroglyphs are not the original but rather transcriptions of the original cursive hieratic ... a bit of posturing that mildly concerned me when I first saw the book. Fortunately, the quality of the translated poetry more than compensated for my qualms.


Ancient Egyptian Magic:
Spells, Incantations, Potions, Stories, and Rituals

by Bob Brier
Published by William Morrow & Co
Paperback - 322 pages


Dallas Morning News

. A dazzling array of age-old mysteries..

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