The Fireplace
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Inspired by the pylon at the temple of Edfu

Work begins 02/06/01
Removal of existing wood stove.


Progress as of 3/9/01

Progress as of 5/19/01


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ollowing the lead of the ancient stone masons, I used wooden rollers and a bar to move the heavy hearth stone into place. This stone is only 2 inches thick but it was a task to move it by myself. Along with a crushed fingertip, I have gained a new respect for those that struggled to build the giant stone structures of ancient Egypt. I simply can't imagine moving the huge stones that make up the great pyramids


e used a Precast Stone Veneer to finish the area around the fireplace. For us, this product made sense because of the cost and scope of our project. We did not want the high cost associated with real stone construction, nor were we interested in the foundation work that would be required to support that kind of weight. The manufacturer we chose was L&S Stone. This pattern is called Ledgefit.


. . This precast stone veneer pattern had several advantages over all the others we considered. First, it didn't require any mortared joints, this would save time and mess. This style of veneer is very hard for your eye to distinguish the stone pattern from the manufactured joints. Finally, the color and overall look is similar to that of stonework that is found in our region.

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n 6/02/01 The fireplace is complete. Not a moment to soon, the idea of building a fireplace in the summertime was losing its novelty. The mess that is masonry has been vacuumed away. Just a few finishing touches remain, the winged solar disk over the fire box being one. Finding just the right pieces of art to decorate the mantel will be an ongoing project.

. We had planned on finishing this space with a pair of love seats, but they were too large. We found what is called a chair and a half, they are a great fit! The end table is made by the same people that make the sarcophagus. The coffee table is something that we made using the capital of a column and glass.

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