The Pyramids of Giza


. . . . .I tried to imagine my first visit to the pyramids of Giza, convincing myself it would be “no big deal”. After all, I live in the modern world and I have seen some of the tallest buildings ever built. I have even visited ancient pyramids in Mexico and modern ones in Memphis, TN and Las Vegas, NV. But I can safely say that I will never forget the first time that I saw the pyramids of Giza, their size and age actually took my breath away. The ancient Egyptians built these tombs to last for eternity. In my opinion they have succeeded, I can’t imagine them ever crumbling. These huge monuments are the only “Wonders of the Ancient World” still standing. An old Arab saying states that: “Man fears time… time fears the pyramids”.

. . . . .The pyramid on the left is the tallest and greatest pyramid ever built. It originally stood 482 feet high. It has lost 33 feet to the removal of its apex. It is made up of 2.5 million limestone blocks, each weighing about 2.5 tons. It was built in the Old Kingdom during the 4th Dynasty around 2500 BC. It belongs to the pharaoh Cheops, sometimes known as Khufu. This huge tomb remained the tallest building in the world for more then 3000 years. It was already about 2000 years old when the ancient Greeks marveled at its beauty and perfection.

. . . . .The center pyramid belongs to the son of Cheops, the Pharaoh Khafre, sometimes called Chephren. It stands 446 feet, originally 470 feet. Khafre built his pyramid shorter, out of respect for his father. But he cleverly built it on a higher part of the plateau, this makes his pyramid appear to be the tallest at Giza.

. . . . .The pyramid on the right belongs to the pharaoh Menkaure. It stands only about 215 feet high, not even half the height of the “Great Pyramid”. In the distance is the modern city of Cairo, which now sprawls to the very edge of the Giza Plateau.


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