My Other Sarcophagus

This is Hatshepsut.

. . . If that name sounds familiar, it is because the Pharaoh Hatshepsut (hat cheap suit) is considered to be among Egypt's greatest rulers. She was a very interesting women who's rise to power is legendary. She was the widow of Tuthmosis II and began her rule as co-regent to her nephew Tuthmosis III. After about 7 years of her co-regency she proclaimed herself as Queen Pharaoh. She ruled for another 15 years and proved to be a very good Pharaoh. In the early years she is clearly depicted as a woman; however when she became Pharaoh the lines between the sexes became blurred. She then begins to have her artists depict her in traditional male clothing and ornamentation, including a false beard. She was one of only a handful of women to ever rule Egypt as Pharaoh. Whether or not she had a rightful claim to the throne is a debate that will go on for many years if it ever ends. After her reign, her enemies defiled her name and systematically began to destroy her monuments in an effort to erase her from history, but her great name and legacy remain. The statues of Hatshepsut that I have seen exude a sense of power, grace and royalty that typify the idea of Pharaoh as the living son of the gods, or in her case, the living daughter.

. . . . . This is a wonderful addition to my collection. It fits right into my decorating plans. Hatshepsut, like my other Sarcophagus, is made of cast fiberglass, wood, plaster and beautifully painted and gold leafed. In fact, it came from the same factory somewhere in the Philippines. This Sarcophagus has finer details. As seen here in the decorations around her feet.

. . . . . The first thing that struck me about both of my Sarcophagi is that their eyes were not painted. With all the details painted on these wonderful pieces, this seemed very strange to me. I would call this a mistake, because the Egyptians would not leave the eyes of a sarcophagus unpainted. A little black paint and not only does she have a personality, she has beautiful eyes.






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