Welcome to my Mythology Gallery.

My goal is to give a basic view of Ancient Egyptian Mythology. I have tried to make it as easy to understand and as complete as possible. I must stress the word “basic”, because the information that is here is only one stone in a much larger pyramid. If you are interested I am sure that you can find many books in your local library as well as other fine internet sites dealing with the subject. Your input is welcomed and encouraged either by or on facebook.

The Egyptians left a tremendous amount of information buried in the warm sands of North Africa. They were, it seems, dedicated to writing, painting and sculpting every aspect of their lives. And a great deal of this information concerns the Egyptians view of the afterlife. Today, thanks to many lifetimes of hard work by the people who have earned the title of Egyptologists, you and I are lucky enough to be given an understanding of who the Ancient Egyptians were.

Unlike the later myths of the Greeks and Romans, the Egyptian gods do not have their own dominions, There is no one god that represents the sun, no strongest, no most beautiful. It is not that simple, Egyptian deities at times seem to share the same attributes and sometimes even the same appearance. This is due in part to the Egyptians respect of traditions which made them slow, even reluctant to change their old ideas and myths, even as they were adopting new ones. This made their mythology more and more complex as time went by.

I realize that this can be a very confusing subject, I have tried to make this site as simple as possible. By linking the gods with the images and stories that they are associated with, I have supplied an image and a brief description for each deity, a list and definition of the most commonly used symbols. The glossary will be a valuable tool if you are unfamiliar with words used to describe Egypts myths.

Finally, let me say that your persistence will pay off in your search for information about ancient Egypt. Keep in mind that a certain amount of flexibility is necessary when collecting information. Since the ancient Greeks began the study of Egyptology, it has involved many nations, each perhaps using their own language. Because of this you may find that spelling varies greatly from one reference source to another. Don’t let this discourage you, If you find a spelling that looks close, it is probably what you are looking for.