My Sarcophagus
I call him Khufu.

. . . . . That name may sound familiar, because the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) built the great pyramid at Giza. Alas, poor Khufu, the last 4,000 years have not been kind to him. The only image of the once mighty Pharaoh that has survived into the modern era is a small statue no more than five inches high. Any resemblance between this piece and the real Khufu is purely Pharonic. I named this sarcophagus Khufu for no particular reason, I simply liked the name.


. . . . . Isn't this a wonderful addition to my collection? It fits right into my decorating plans. Khufu is made in the Philippines of cast fiberglass, wood, plaster and paint.. It is much more than just a conversation piece, in fact it is very functional. No, I don't plan on being buried in it, although it is big enough. Standing little more than six feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, it is relativity easy to move.


. . . . .When people ask me, what is inside? I answer "The Mummy, of course... The Mysteries of Egypt on IMAX, and all the rest of my video collection." with a home theatre and a sound system I needed storage space for DVDs, CDs, VHS, and cassette tapes. When along came my friend Khufu, I couldn't have asked for a better solution. The large shelves that you see in this picture can hold up to 208 CDs or 136 DVDs. On the smaller shelves, I can store up to 72 VHS or 120 cassettes.

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