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Our Home Theater


. . . . Our theater was built in a no longer used single car garage which was attached to our basement. It features a 120" screen with a BenQ W1070  DLP projector. It is 3D and HD 1080p. Dolby digital 7.1 surround sound is provided through Polk audio speakers and a Pioneer VSX-1021-K multi-channel receiver. State of the Art technology for the month of March in 2013.
. . . . .There are two rows of fully reclinable seats. All seats are equipped with Aura AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shaker which is powered by a Dayton Audio SA100 100watt subwoofer amplifier to assure that you feel a part of the action.
It Rocks!

. . . . .Check out the construction which went on for years, most of it being done during the winter months when outdoor work and play was limited.






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. . . Construction of this theater took me more than eight years to complete. That is either dedication or insanity, I suppose a little of both. This has been by far my most ambitious project to date. It entailed carvings styrofoam, casting plaster and Aquaresin, and faux stone painting. Along with hours of research into audio and video setups. Spare time? What spare time?

A cobra cornice runs around the ceiling. It was made in 30" sections of cast plaster.
Cornice is securly attached to wire lath and wood framing.  
Rope lighting added to cornice.

hese pictures show the progress of the construction of the front right corner of the theater. The blue hole is for a speaker.


         parts                                          goddess

5Each wall scene is made up of many smaller castings glued onto styrofoam panels. The panels are then mounted to the walls.

 .  . . The final touches applied, the theater it is put into use in spring of 2013.

The goddess Maat drawn and cut in styrofoam
Maat carved, spackled, sanded, and sealed.
Maat painted and finished.

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