Lady of Heaven.

  • Cult Center: Thebes.

  • Attributes: Mut was the divine mother, the queen of all gods. She was the female counterpart of Amun. Mut usurped many of the other Egyptian goddess that exhibited the attributes of motherhood. During the New Kingdom, The marriage of Mut and Amun was one of the great annual celebrations. Amun would be brought from his temple at Karnak, a great following would escort him to visit Mut at her temple at Luxor. In spite of her marriage to Amun, Mut was bisexual, perhaps to reinforce her position as the mother of all things. Her hieroglyphic symbol was a vulture, it was worn on the crowns of Egypt's queens to typify their motherhood.

  • Representation: A woman wearing a vulture headdress, with the double crown of upper and lower Egypt. In some pictures the heads of vultures project from her shoulders. Sometimes she holds a papyrus sceptre.

  • Relations: Wife of Amun, mother of all the gods, mother of all living things.

  • Other Names:


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