Lady of the House.
Cult Center: Throughout Egypt. Plays a role in the Osiris legend.

Attributes: Her name means ‘Lady of the House’ it’s thought to be referring to Osiris’ Palace. Nephthys conceived no children with her husband Seth. Her son, Anubis was conceived from a union with Osiris. It is said that she tricked Osiris into this union by making him drunk, or by disguising herself as Isis. Fearing Seth’s anger, Nephthys hides the infant in the Delta marshes shortly after his birth. Seth murders Osiris and Nephthys flees in fear. She finds her sister, Isis, and helps in the search for Osiris’ body. Nephthys tells her sister about the infant. During the search for Osiris, Isis finds Anubis and adopts him. After finding the body of Osiris, she helps Isis embalm him. The two sisters turn into birds and fly about mourning over the dead body. She is often rendered on the head of coffins, as Isis is rendered at the foot, with long wings spread to protect the deceased.

Representation: A woman wearing on her head the hieroglyphic symbol of her name.

Relations: Daughter of Nut and Geb. Sister of OsirisIsis, and Seth. Wife of Seth, mother ofAnubis.

Other Names: Nebhet

The next goddess is Nut. 
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