The Sky
Cult Center:Throughout Egypt. 

Attributes: Nut was originally a mother-goddess who had many children. The hieroglyph for her name, which she is often seen wearing on her head is a water pot, but it is also thought to represent a womb. During the day, Nut and Geb are separated, but each evening Nut comes down to meet Geb and this causes darkness. If storms came during the day, it was believed that Nut had some how slipped closer to the earth. She also plays an important role in creation mythology

Representation: As the sky goddess, she is shown stretching from horizon to horizon, touching only her fingertips and toes to the ground. Her husband, Geb is often shown reclining beneath her. She is also pictured as a giant sow, suckling many piglets. These piglets represented the stars, which she swallowed each morning before dawn. Nut was considered to be the mother of the sun and the moon. In some cases she took the form of a great cow who’s eyes represented the sun and the moon. 

Relations: Daughter of Shu and Tefnut, twin sister of Geb, wife of Geb, mother of Osiris and IsisSethNephthys

Other possible Names:

The next god is Osiris. 
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