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. .Horus the falcon.

. .The Step Pyramid Complex.

. .The Heretic King, Akhenaten.

. .The golden mask of Tutankhamun.

. .Carved alabaster canopic jar lids.

. .Silver coffin of Psuesennes I.

. .Avenue of sphinxes.

. . A sphinx at Luxor Temple.

. .The Colossi of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel.

. .Looking up to Ramesses II.

. .Enemies of Egypt, Beware!

. . An Osiris pillar at Abu Simbel.

. . The Inner Sanctuary at Abu Simbel.

. . The gods Osiris and Khepri.

. . A Greco-Roman gate.

. .The Colossi of Memnon.

. .The Pyramids of Giza.

. .The Pyramid of Menkaure.

. ..Horus of Edfu.



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