Mighty One.

Cult Center: Memphis.

Attributes: A sun goddess. She represents the scorching, burning, destructive heat of the sun. She was a fierce goddess of war, the destroyer of the enemies of Ra and Osiris. Her temper was uncontrollable. In the legend of Ra and Hathor, Sekhmet’s anger became so great, she would have destroyed all of mankind if Ra had not taken pity on us. He tricked her by dyeing beer blood-red which she drank believing it to be human blood and became drunk. She soon forgot her anger and we were saved from destruction.. . . . .Sekhmet was the wife of the creator-god Ptah. This marriage was unusual in that it resulted from geographical proximity of their cults rather than a sharing of attributes.

Representation: A woman with the head of a lion.

Relations: Daughter of Nut and Geb. Wife of Ptah, mother of Nefer-Tem

Other Names: Sakhmet, Sekhet, Nesert.

The next goddess is Seshat. 
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