He who causes to be fertile.

Cult Center: Crocodilopolis in the Faiyum, after the Twelfth Dynasty he was worshipped everywhere with cult centers at Kom Ombo, Thebes and at Lake Moeris.

Attributes: Admired and feared for his ferocity. At the command of Ra, He performed tasks such as catching with a net the four sons of Horus as they emerged from the waters in a lotus bloom. Sometimes identified with Seth when Seth took the form of a crocodile. It is said that in the Osiris legendsHorus takes the form of a crocodile in order to retrieve the parts of Osiris‘s body that were cast into the Nile bySeth.

Representation: A crocodile, a mummified crocodile or as a man with a crocodile-head. Sometimes wearing horns like those of Amon-Ra, and the solar disk.

  • Relations: Son of Neith of Sais.
  • Other Names: Sebek, Sebek-Ra, Sobk, Suchos, Sobki or Soknopais.


The next godddess is Taurt. 
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