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( CNJ ) ~ Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ 0-8-0 Switcher Taking Water at East Market Street For Sale

( CNJ ) ~ Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ 0-8-0 Switcher Taking Water at East Market Street

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( CNJ ) ~ Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ 0-8-0 Switcher Taking Water at East Market Street:

Question: Is there a way to "plug the hole" on a Calendar Page ? Answer: See my suggestion at the bottom of this page. Important Note: A dark pink sheet of paper was placed behind this Calendar Page when it was scanned so that you could see the round hole on the top of the page. There is a 1 1/4" angledcut in the top white border on the right side, as seen in the second picture. Click on the link below to see myother CNJ / Jersey Central items: If you win more than one sale, please wait to pay until I send you an invoice with the discounted combined shipping amount.

If you arebuying more than 1 item, click on ADD TO SHOPPING CART, and then click on REQUEST TOTAL FROM SELLER so that I can send you an Invoice with the Combined S&H on it.

Just so you know in advance, First Class Parcels are limited to 16 ounces. So if the total boxed weight of your items is more than 16 ounces, only Priority Mail and Parcel Post options will be available for your combined purchase.

You are offerding on the Calendar Page that is pictured.

There is no writing or other markings on the reverse side of this Calendar Page.

This Calendar Pagemeasures approximately:

11" wide X 8 1/2" high

These are best framed in what are called "Document Frames" which are sold in retail stores like K-Mart, Staples, and Office Depot for a few dollars each.

Standard Document Frames are 8 1/2" x 11".Or, you can cut the calendar page down to 8" x 10" to fit in that size frame too.

I am not an expert on types of paper, but I can tell you that thisCalendar Pageis printed on a glossytype ofpaper that has the thickness of 1 or 2sheets of copy paper.

Buyer has the choice of shipping byFirst Class Mail, Priority Mail by weight and distance or Parcel Post. Check the Shipping Rates for your zip code by clicking on the Shipping and Payments tab.

Items mailed by First Class Mail willbe mailed with Delivery Confirmationin a custom-made box to protect it from bending.

I will be happy to combine shipping.

Question: Is there a way to "plug the hole" on a Calendar Page to minimize the visual impact of the hole ? My suggestion: Look at the top left corner and the top right corner of the Calendar Page. Is the color on either of those corners similar to the color where the round hole is ? If the answer is "yes", then consider using one of those corners for the "plug" since the corners are usually the part of the page that are hidden the most by the picture frame edges. Warning: Practice the technique below on some junky calendar page before you try it on a Calendar Page that you really want to keep ! Measure the diameter of the hole that you want to plug. Then, find a drill bit that is a similar size in diameter. Using the blunt end of the drill bit, trace a circle in pencil on the top corner that you intend to cut. You want the circle to be just a little bit larger than the hole that you intend to plug it with. Cut the circle with a scissors that is sharp and small. Place the Calendar Page face down on a flat hard surface. Use the blunt end of the drill bit to then gently "push" the "circle plug" intothe hole in the Calendar Page. Turn the Calendar Page over, and if the plugged holelooks OK, place a small piece of clear tape over the "plug" to hold it in place. You can always touch up the hole with some cheap water color paint kits that you can buy at a Dollar Store. I hope that my suggestion helps !

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