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Sacramento Streetcar NAFTA Trams Mexico Canada San Francisco OR 54' double end For Sale

 Sacramento Streetcar NAFTA Trams Mexico Canada San Francisco OR 54' double end

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Sacramento Streetcar NAFTA Trams Mexico Canada San Francisco OR 54' double end :

NOTE PCC is derived from ERPCC, design committee of (E)lectric (R)ailway trolley line (P)residents' (C)onference (C)ommittee' in 1930 collaborating to bring forward a best practices design for the American Trolley systems. NOTE: consider template start-up trolleycar project described in riverlinkweb2.pdf brochure
This narrative describes PCC trams: available as SINGLE Double-End car #102435 OR NAFTA Trio singles or LOT packages for sale. Price shown may be adjusted up or down depending on negotiated sales agreement. Inspection prior to purchase is suggested to avoid misunderstandings. Sales final, and offerings subject to prior sale. These PCC are are listed in other venues so availability may change without notice on this listing. We will edit ASAP when inventory changes; and please, interested, QUALIFIED planners, consultants, sponsors or groups with ability to deal with the real 46', 23 ton mechanical marvel called PCC Car.....
Offering here is original rebuildable double end PCC built from two front halves SF 1952 Baby tens 1024 and 1035. On original Westinghouse B-3 trucks. Engineered structural modifications by Transit Performance Engineering in Carson City NV. 54' long. As shown in pictures 1, 2 & 3. Spare parts are available from Toronto PCC #4404 at South Lake Tahoe Airport vicinity storage. Pictures show lot of several other PCC Trams from Canada, Mexico, and USA cities, Here we list in primary position unique double-end (motorman position at both ends of car). This unit number #1025435 lends itself to Hydrogen or fuel cell hybrid platform.
#102435 is suitable for Streetcar or Light rail start-up role as a Planner/Agency Show & Tell information vehicle. Powered up with Hybrid plant, #102435 can serve as initial operating railcar on rail branch line tracks proposed for future light rail or vintage streetcar line. The paint scheme is Daylight Orange & Red on one front 3/4 aspect, hues of blue viewed from opposite end, other side.
The separate (price to be negotiated) lot of streetcars can be considered as basis for "NAFTA Trio" of trams; from three North American NAFTA countries. Price shown is for single streetcars; these may be purchased individually, the pair , or priced for lot. The double end #102435 is sold on a separate transaction. To restate: The "NAFTA" cars may be packaged into a lot or available separately. Two pictures (end of rank) show first PCC in California gray 1937 PCC from San Diego and Mexico. The red 1948 PCC streetcars (pictures 4 & 5) are from Toronto Canada. The yellow side car is 1945 PCC SF #1101 (pictures 7&8), served in St Louis and San Francisco.

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