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 Machete black, yellow w/ sharpening file For Sale

 Machete black, yellow w/ sharpening file

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 Machete black, yellow w/ sharpening file:

handle is kinda rubber but stronger.Blade feels steel , but not heavy. Mayb 14 oz.Swinging works well when sharp. I'll mail file along with it. Sword is sheathed in brand new, black canvas. It has a sweet belt loop and buttons.
Current condition of my machete is seen in picture. . small dings in curve of blade, light rusting & a few scratches.
Make an offer! It's only 14 bucks and it'll look so good this Spring .. Damn, imagine clearing those weeds.
If you win the sale, I'll ship it ground service for lowest $$. Expect 7-10 business days to arrive.
To the winning buyer: I'll send a "Handling & Care" guide in front of the product.
Handle goes occasionally wobbly . from normal swingin' and impacts. Take a screwdriver, and turn the screws on handle.
Try to sharpen 'per use' for best results.Store somewhere dry- less rust and mildew.Keep very close to home or self to avoid theft.
Good luck! Message me w/ any questions.

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