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【VeryRare】Mobile Police Patlabor:Griffon/INGRAM B2 Size Original Poster For Sale

【VeryRare】Mobile Police Patlabor:Griffon/INGRAM B2 Size Original Poster

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【VeryRare】Mobile Police Patlabor:Griffon/INGRAM B2 Size Original Poster:

【VeryRare】Mobile Police Patlabor:Griffon/INGRAMB2 Size Original Poster

To all

Due to global difficulties, the plane rested its wings! Japan and the US now travel by sea across the Pacific Ocean. Come back 100 years and enjoy the sea breeze and the waiting time.

~Important notes about shipping~

Currently, only sea and land transport is available.

We will ship only those who can accept some conditions.

1. It will take 2-4 months to arrive.

2. There is no tracking number.

3. No returns or refunds will be made during the transportation period.

4. We will refund the shipping cost of $ 10 if you contact us.

5. Please contact us if you wish to fly. It will be shipped after storage until reopening. In that case, there will be no refund of shipping charges after arrival.

6. All correspondence with you will be kept and if there is a problem we will present it to to resolve it.

PS;For customers with a small number of transactions

The delivery method may be limited to the following.

Airmail:Storage waiting until air route restarts. Please understand.

Currently, flights from Japan to the United States are stopped.

Only available by sea and land transport.

It takes 2-4 months, but arrives before the plane.


-Near Mint (NM)-:No pin holes

・As the picture shows, the Paper fold wrinkles line.

I want to keep the condition, so I will mail it in a folded state! (I will not force it into a cylindrical shape)

SizeB2:515×728mm20 × 29in

Nationality: Japan

Combine shipping welcome!!


Standard shipping

1 poster: $ 10!

5 posters: $ 10!!

10 posters: $ 10!!!

∞ posters: $ 10!!!!!!

Extra shipping costs will be refunded! please contact.

Orders from the site promise discounts, so feel free to offer.


〜Rank of condition〜


-Brand new-

Unused items at the time of shipment

・A curled state that has never been used in a store, or a folded state

-Mint (M)-


Wrinkles that are unused but have a slight corner

-Near Mint (NM)-

Unused or collection items

-There are slight creases and pain, but there is no problem with the printed surface.

~ Disclaimer ~

・Small scratches and coloring, folded folds that occurred during the manufacturing and distribution stages

・Aging deterioration due to long-term storage

・Opening when shooting


-Excellent (EX)-

There is no major problem on the printed surface, and there are traces used in the store, but it is beautiful enough

・Small pinholes

・Small creases at corners and edges

・Inconspicuous dirt and small scratches

・Some dirt on the back

-Very Good (VG)-

A product that is much more valuable than damage. There is a general feeling of use and aged deterioration, and damage and repair are seen on a part of the printed surface.

-Good (G)-

A product that has value unrelated to damage. As it is accompanied by obvious damage and deterioration over time, it is necessary to check the condition with an image.

-Poster size table-

B1:728×1030mm28 × 39.5in

B2:515×728mm20 × 29in

B3:364×515mm20 × 28in

A1:594×841mm23 × 33in

A2:420×594mm16.5 × 23in

A3:420×297mm12 × 17in

~ Seriously described matters ~

This is a notice to those who are considering purchasing.

All the posters that I have submitted are strictly original and managed!

I guarantee the quality!

However, even if it is new, there may be slight scratches and stains due to the characteristics of the paper products. Please check in the photo. Questions are always accepted!

Also, please understand that posters that are decades old may have aged deterioration even if they are new.

It is not for sale for over-the-counter advertisement. In general it is not distributed.

Original product, image quality is good. It is not a bad expanding copy!

There is force to be convinced surely.

+++About Shipping+++Please choose shipping method as follows.
We will carefully deliver using the packing material.

Because it is an export from Japan, detailed shipping fee is stated in notes.

Please be sure to read through before offerding. We will charge the following

shipping fee,

Please contact us when you hope for Standard (with tracking number ,insurance) and EMS.

We will send out the item after confirming your payment.

so thank you.

【Standard】Registered Airmail (with tracking number and insurance)

【Expedited】EMS (with tracking number and insurance)

【Standard】Air……..2 week~4 days ~ 7 days

~ Important explanation ~

Even if you arrive at the exporting country (You ’re Country), there may be a significant delay due to customs checks etc!

It is communication about the postage.

If you ship two posters, you will be charged a refund for the shipping fee of one minute!

I'm glad ordered a new invoice. Or, I will correspond to the additional shipping fee by Paypal refund.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if there is a delay in your country, we may ask you to contact the local post office.

I also request tracking to the Japan Post Office and report to you.

We will open a case and suggest a refund procedure if the delay occurs more than 4 weeks. If goods arrive after that, it would be appreciated if you could deposit it!

A tracking number is included with all shipping services (compensation is optional and leads to a quick refund service from an accident such as damage or loss).

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