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1835 Famous Artist? Painting,Windsor Castle,Signed Bradley/Putney,England letter For Sale

1835 Famous Artist? Painting,Windsor Castle,Signed Bradley/Putney,England letter

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1835 Famous Artist? Painting,Windsor Castle,Signed Bradley/Putney,England letter:

God Bless you and have a great week! Interesting document we retrieved from an attic sweep! All original and guaranteed to be 185 years ago! Mentions many things about this artist from Putney,England. Any help is appreciated. I will read parts of the letter. But their is much more... Not sure who this guy was? Looks like he signed it E.Bradley. Maybe you know who they are? He was definitely an Artist. It is starting off. To his father who lived in Utica,New York in North America from the looks of the outside of the cover. In the beginning he states that he is sending some paintings to Lewis...on January 22,1835. Looks like it was someone that approved paintings...because he is waiting for his approval. Talks about the Waverly fancy scrapbook collection...mentions Sir W.Scott works,,,he keeps on teaching and painting in London...talks much about England. He has yet to sell a painting...talks about his drawings and an edition in volumes being published from someone else. However he keeps on doing his works of painting...he does have a picture in the Suffolk Street Gallery of Mackerel and a vase of gold fishes.Which is being praised in the local papers in England. last summer he took a week to go to Windsor and took a good many sketches with him. two of which I have was of Windsor Castle and the other Eton College. He sent one of the paintings to the British Gallery......More to read at your leisure. True survivor from the past! That has recently surfaced from an attic cleaning in California! Whom I have not researched? Pretty neat piece of historical history! Will not be disappointed!Anyway cost to ship to you will be only 2.00. Weather you buy 1 document from me or multiple documents in my other sales.I only charge you 2.00! I pick up the tap on the rest for ya! We normally ship within three days of receiving your payment.Make sure to check out my other documents in other sales going on. You might want to place me in your favorite sellers.I get neat stuff all the time.I and my wife are retired and find things in later years to suffice our income in these economical times we are in.Making a great DEAL FOR YOU! We find the rare and unique! Thank you for viewing my sales andGod Bless!Glad to have and hope to work with you for years to come! Welcome onboard have a Blessed day!! 17296

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