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1912 Watling Floor Model Gum Vendor Slot (Extremely Rare Version) 4-Column For Sale

1912 Watling Floor Model Gum Vendor Slot (Extremely Rare Version) 4-Column

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1912 Watling Floor Model Gum Vendor Slot (Extremely Rare Version) 4-Column:

1912 Watling Floor Model Gum Vendor Slot. Condition is original.

Dimensions approx. 17” x 18” x 58” height

Extremely rare early 4-column version.

This sold at sale for about $25,000. Previously, it is being offered here with a start price of $16K

The Watling 4-Column floor model was the early

Version preceding the three column model.

There are only a handful of the larger 4-column models.

The rounded Marquee has a wheel which spins to tell you how many premium checks you win in its profit sharing option. The second vertical rectangular window is the coin accumulator which shows your coin played whither the escalator.The twist handle next to coin entry mechanically rotates your Nickle onto the escalator. Glass window to right of wheels is coin jackpot. Jackpot payout fancy casting cup under window on upper base of machine.

Gum vendor on bottom of machine.

Drops one pack of gum with each play.

Early pre-WWI Watling 4-Column floor Modle gum vendor with fancy castings was loaded Modle. Only a few pre WWI 4- column machines exist. Has premium check award wheel. As well with mechanically loading gear to escalator device.

This one is complete and all original. The Watling 4-Column has always brought $25K, there are only a few. This one is located in Reno, Nevada.

Contact through # on pics. Payment must be to my Wells Fargo Corp account in Reno, Nevada.

offerding starts low compared to sale selling price.

See picture from completed sale sale, .

A chance to get it cheap.

Happy offerding!

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