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1940 magazine article, BY FELUCCA DOWN THE NILE, Egypt, colour photos pre-WWII For Sale

1940 magazine article, BY FELUCCA DOWN THE NILE, Egypt, colour photos pre-WWII

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1940 magazine article, BY FELUCCA DOWN THE NILE, Egypt, colour photos pre-WWII:

Selling is a 1940 magazine article about: Sailing the NILE River

Title: BY FELUCCA DOWN THE NILE Author: Willard Price

Subtitled "Giant Dams Rule Egypt's Lifeline River, Yet Village Life Goes On As It Did in the Time of the Pharaohs”

This magazine article is an account of the authors trip along the Nile River. No dates but I’d bet it was actually taken in the mid-late 1930’s, before WWII.

Quoting the first page “It was almost dawn. We were ready to start. Houssein came up the gang-plank with the provisions. Instead of supporting the bundle underneath, he dangled it by the string.

I had an uneasy premonition. Could one trust oneself on a two-month journey through strange country to a man who would carry a heavy bundle by the string? Then the string broke, and all of our food for the next three days was in the Nile.

But this accident which began our voyage was only a mild suggestion of what was to come at the end, when not merely the supplies would go into the Nile, but everything and everybody.

Houssein, still helplessly holding the string in his hand, lifted his black face to the stars and lamented-but did not dream of getting his feet wet. The captain whipped off his long Mother Hubbard of a galabieh, dived in, brought up cans from the bottom, and corralled floating loaves, oranges, and carrots.

Two months later the little scene was to be re-enacted. But then lives, not carrots, would be at stake.

We came to know our men well before the trip was over. They were both Nubians, black as coalholes, and proud of it.

"We are not Egyptians," they would insist. They remembered that their ancestors had once ruled Egypt and that Nubians had been among the staunchest fighters in the Egyptian army. They considered themselves a cut above the palefaces of the Nile Valley.

The captain had courage and Houssein had a mustache. It was a brave affair and he could use it to give his face an appearance of great resolution under his piratical turban. He knew how to handle a boat, if he could just remember in emergencies, and he was a good cook, valet, and lady's maid. He kept the decks shining.

Captain Abdul and Houssein had about twenty English words between them. They did not understand our Arabic, but would never admit it. They would nod and immediately do something-and since the something they did was usually just as good as what we had asked for, if not better, there was no real cause for complaint.

Their skirts seemed a bit unsailorlike, particularly when it was necessary to climb the mast or to wade ashore. But you can do a lot in a skirt if you catch up the edge of it in your teeth. They wore no shoes and the soles of their feet were cracked and seamed like rhinoceros hide.

Our Nubians were not too easy in their minds about the trip. Leaving Shallal in lower Nubia, we were to go a short distance south, then turn…"

7” x 10”, 42 pages, 18 B&W & 22 color photos, plus map

These are pages from an actual 1940 magazine. No reprints or copies.


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