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25 Inch Tibet Buddhist ThangKa Painting - 5 Protectors Deities Of Nyingma School For Sale

25 Inch Tibet Buddhist ThangKa Painting - 5 Protectors Deities Of Nyingma School

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25 Inch Tibet Buddhist ThangKa Painting - 5 Protectors Deities Of Nyingma School:

25 Inch Tibet Buddhist ThangKa Painting - 5 Protectors Deities Of Nyingma School

Material: Canvas, Silk brocade, Wood scroll Process: High quality pure natural mineral color printed on the canvas, The center Thangka image of the edge is by manually sewing and mounted on a brocade. Origin: Tibet Size (cm): High 65cm X Width 36cm Size(inch): High 36cm X Width 27cm Inches:14" X 10” Draw core size: H 25" X W 14" Wood scroll not included width size.

Used: High quality pure natural mineral color printed on the canvas. Luxurious brocade embroidered golden floral pattern in the around. Painting canvas is very Smooth delicate, Clear Stereo effect, Not FADE, Not DEGUM. Very soft. This Thangka is traditionally Thangka design with unframed and rolled up, manually sewing the image draw of edge which is mounted on a brocade, somewhat in the style of Chinese scroll paintings, with a further silk cover on the front. It has protect the thangka from dust. Thangkas can last a long time, because of their delicate nature. Thangkas hang on or beside altars, and may be hung in the bedrooms or offices of monks and other devotees, along with the meditation centers, personal ritual spaces, and yoga classrooms. It is holy and the meditation space. And it has the blessing for you.
This Thangka including 5 protectors. They are from Buddhist Nyingma school (sect), The leader is Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava who is on the top of middle. The upper left of the Thangka is King Gesar. Gesar king is historical legends in Tibetan buddhist master Padmasambhava of embodiment, Whole the life is war with horse, to glorify dharma and spread culture, become a somebody Tibetan people proud. Historical, was born in AD 1038, who died in 1119 AD. unified the size more than 150 tribes, ridge beginning to unify the territory. Gesar king with one face and two hands he holds a riding crop in the upraised right and a bowl of jewels with the left. Dressed in the garb of a warrior with a spear, he rides atop a white horse. The upper right of the Thangka is the deity of Tsiu Marpo. The Tsiu Marpo is Supreme protector deity of Tibetan Buddhism. Also is the embodiment of the Hayagriva, the main duty of the Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma sect , control the life and death of the world, wealth, power and luck. The Tsiu Marpo Dharma is a very important dharma Ningmapai. The Tsiu Marpo called king of war, Face is wrathful, the appearance of ferocious terror, eyebrows because of anger and locking, upper teeth bite the lower lip. Wearing a fur helmet, decorated with bald eagle feathers, decorated with vajra pestle. Wearing a chest armour, to poison scorpion skin decoration, in the Tibetan "shed" word. "The House" is the "seed word" of Kwan-Yin, which shows that the purple-Mary Dharma is the present of Guanyin's horse-head. Back inserted silk banner. Right hand silk "breathless rope", if thrown to the enemy, can choke the life of the interest. Left hand Red Spear, stabbed in the heart of the enemy demon, dripping with blood. Left under the tiger skin Arrow bag, right under the leopard skin bow bag. Astride four hooves Snow White dark horse, surrounded by fire around, Mercedes-Benz Hom waves rolling blood. The Tsiu Marpo Dharma is the life of all sentient beings, who obey the teachings of the Lotus Master, adhere to the oath, preservation all Dharma, especially Nyingma teachings. The Center is protector- Ekajati goddesses. Ekajati ,is the most powerful and fierce goddesses of Buddhist mythology. According to Tibetan legends, her right eye was pierced by the tantric master Padmasambhava so that she could much more effectively help him subjugate Tibetan demons. She is of a blue skin tone, with a high, red chignon ("she who has but one chignon" is another one of her titles). She has one head, three breast, two hands and a third eye. Ekajati's single eye gazes into unceasing space, a single fang pierces through obstacles, a single breast "nurtures supreme practitioners as [her] children." She is naked, like awareness itself, except for a garment of white clouds and tiger skin around her waist. The tiger skin is the realized siddha's garb, which signifies fearless enlightenment. She is ornamented with snakes and a garland of human heads. Her body is dark in color, brown or deep blue. She is backside on a flaming mandala of triangular shape. With her right foot she steps upon corpses, symbols of the ego. Her vajra laugh bares a split tongue or a forked tongue and a single tooth. She is dressed in a skull necklace and with a tiger and a human skin. She is surrounded by flames representing wisdom. Ekajati also is a principal female protector in both the Nyingma school along with Rāhula and Vajrasādhu. The below left is protector -Dorje Legpa Dorje Legpa: Oath bound worldly protector of the Nyingma School, guardian of the Revealed Treasure Tradition. Wrathful face, maroon in colour, he has one face, two hands, three round eyes, a gaping mouth and yellow hair flowing upward like flame. The first hand extended to the right holds a gold vajra and the left a human heart held up to the mouth. Adorned with gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets he wears a hat, round in shape and gold color, crowned with a half vajra. Attired in long flowing garments and boots, his body is well covered, seated atop a snow lion pressing down on a red corpse and sun disc above a lotus seat. The snow lion head is turned upward to show respect for the master; surrounded by thick black smoke and the flames of pristine awareness. Indigenous to Tibet, the daemon Dorje Legpa was subjugated in the 8th century by Guru Padmasambhava and oath bound as a Dharma protector. His primary function is to safeguard the Revealed Treasure texts (Terma) of the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The below right is protector -Rahula Rahula: wrathful protector of the Revealed Treasure Tradition. Fiercely wrathful, black in colour, with nine heads, each face has three large eyes and a gaping mouth with exposed fangs. The right faces are green, left red and the central black, the top central face is white. On the stomach is the large face of the original Rahula who devoured the nine celestial planets. The body is covered with numerous eyes. In the first pair of hands are a drawn bow and arrow. The second right holds aloft a makara stick and the left a snake lasso. Adorned with crowns of five skulls and gold earrings he wears a green scarf and various coloured lower garments. The lower body is that of a coiled naga serpent, dark blue in colour, rising out of a blood filled black triangle enclosure; surrounded by orange flames and black smoke. In a skullcup in front is a large triangular red torma offering (stylized food) with two more offering skullcups arranged at the sides of the enclosure. The Buddhist protectors are the deity who guards the Dhamma. They can be protect to sentient beings, and to have extraordinary powers, all of which are controlled by Sakyamuni or other eminent monks, who vow to obey the Dharma, to guard the Dharma, or to defend those who practise the dharma, and to protect them from internal and external disasters.

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Tibet Thangka, is a Tibetan Buddhist painting.It is similar to scroll painting, painting in cloth or paper. usually depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. various influential lamas and other deities and bodhisattvas.

Thangka perform several different functions. Images of deities can be used as teaching tools when depicting the life (or lives) of the Buddha, describing historical events concerning important Lamas, or retelling myths associated with other deities. Devotional images act as the centerpiece during a ritual or ceremony and are often used as mediums through which one can offer prayers or make requests. Overall, and perhaps most importantly, religious art is used as a meditation tool to help bring one further down the path to enlightenment. The Buddhist Vajrayana practitioner uses a thanga image of their yidam, or meditation deity, as a guide, by visualizing "themselves as being that deity, thereby internalizing the Buddha qualities".

Thangka paintings are Tibetan Buddhism picture in the most representative of the type, also is the United Nations intangible cultural protection type, general by monks and folk artists painting.

Product from Tibet and it by Hand made, also please lama to chant Buddhist scripture blessing, it is very nice gift for you, It to have certain ornamental and collection value.

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