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American Bank Note Company - Extremely Rare - Stock Certificate For Sale

American Bank Note Company - Extremely Rare - Stock Certificate

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American Bank Note Company - Extremely Rare - Stock Certificate:

This stock certificate represents the most important Bank Note company in history. Signed as president by Albert Gallatin Goodall, a bank-note engraver, born in Montgomery, Alabama, 31 October, 1826; died in New York City, 19 February, 1887. His mother, having been left a widow in straitened circumstances, removed with her family to the Creek reservation in Alabama, and engaged in farming, but was driven out with the other settlers in 1836 by the Indians. She then immigrated to Galveston, Texas, and died the year following. When fifteen years of age, young Goodall entered the Texan navy as a midshipman, remaining three years, and seeing active service during the war between Mexico and Texas. In November 1844, he went to Havana, Cuba, and about a year afterward began to learn copper-plate engraving. He removed to Philadelphia in 1848, became acquainted with Jacob Perkins's method of engraving on steel, and, coming to New York, connected himself with the firm from which was afterward organized the American bank-note company, of which he was during the last twelve years of his life the president. In 1858 he went to Europe on a business mission, visiting Greece, Turkey, Russia, Norway, and Sweden, then and during subsequent visits obtaining all the foreign orders executed by the company. The Greek bank notes were the first foreign notes engraved on steel, those ordered by the czar coming next in order. Besides his European contracts Mr. Goodall secured several large orders from the South American states. He was presented in 1860 by Alexander II of Russia with a costly seal ring set in diamonds, and in 18'79 was made "knight commander" of the "Order of the Rose" by the emperor of Brazil. In 1860 he went to St. Petersburg in charge of five American engravers, to execute an order obtained by him the year previous, and to instruct Russian engravers in American methods. Besides being skillful with the burin, Mr. Goodall was a proficient linguist, and the masonic fraternity, of which he was an active member, was indebted to him for the translation of the proceedings of various foreign lodges. (From The American Bank Note Company conducts one of the most famous industries of the country, and one that has won the respect and admiration of the world for America's artists and skilled mechanics. Its renown has been the result of a rare combination of the highest artistic and mechanical skill through a long experience, and its standing to-day is unequalled. The business was founded in 1795; incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 1858; and enlarged and re-organized in 1879. The early and widespread use of paper money rendered it imperative to produce engraved work, which could not be counterfeited. The best artists competed in making designs, skillful chemists devised inks to be brilliant and ineradicable. Inventors applied the principles of mechanics to intricate geometrical engraving. The consolidation of these interests as the American Bank Note Company united the resources and reputation, the safe-guards and facilities, of a century's experience, with abundant capital to test new inventions and acquire new processes. The company has prepared securities to the value of millions and millions of dollars, and bank-notes innumerable, also postage-stamps, bonds, stocks, diplomas, drafts, etc., not only for the Government and financial institutions of the United States, but also for Canada and the West Indies, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, the Argentine Republic, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan. Besides its steel-plate engraving, the American Bank Note Company has executed for railroads and various corporations many of the most notable specimens of letter-press printing, in black and in colors. Special styles and grades of paper, suitable for securities, are manufactured exclusively for the use of the company. Ther

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