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Antebellum Autograph Sheet Senators & Congressmen 1800's (5) For Sale

Antebellum Autograph Sheet Senators & Congressmen 1800's (5)

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Antebellum Autograph Sheet Senators & Congressmen 1800's (5) :

For sale is a Political Autograph Sheet with authentic autographs of 2 Senators and 3 Congressmen from the first half of the 19th century. This sheet measures 4" x 3" and comes from the large collection of a Massachusetts historical and Presidential collector. The autographs on this sheet are strong ink and include: 1) Congressman Alexander Duncan (1788-1853), Hamilton County, Ohio, served 1837-1841, Democrat, "A. Duncan, Ham Co Ohio": 2) U.S. Senator Jarid W. Williams (1796-1864), New Hampshire, served 1853-1854, Governor of NH, 1847-1849, Democrat, "J W Williams Lancaster, New Hampshire"; 3) Congressman Edward Davies (1779-1853), Pennsylvania, served 1837-1843, Anti-Masonic & Whig, "Edward Davies, Lancaster, Penns"; 4) Congressman Charles Ogle (1798-1841) Pennsylvania, served 1837-1841, Anti-Masonic & Whig, "Charles Ogle Penn"; 5) U.S. Senator Dixon H. Lewis (1802-1848), Alabama, served 1844-1848, Congressman from 1829-1843, Democrat, Largest man ever in Congress, weighing up to 500 pounds and had a special seat made for him in the Senate, "Dixon H Lewis, Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co Alabama." A nice antebellum autograph 19th century political collectible. Check out my other sales for similar autograph sheets. Shipping is $4.00

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