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Buffalo Skull ~ Hundreds of years old? ~ For Sale

Buffalo Skull ~ Hundreds of years old? ~

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Buffalo Skull ~ Hundreds of years old? ~:

Up for sale is a large buffalo skull that looks as though it may be petrified, not sure about that but is very heavy. In 2011 we had a drought here in Nebraska. This skull was found between Ewing and Chambers in the Nebraska Sandhills. For years I hunted what is known as the Cache Creek. 2011 was the only year in my lifetime that I ever saw this creek bone dry. I was crossing an old wooden bridge on a sand trail and stopped on the bridge to explain to my wife how I had never seen this creek bone dry. I got out of my vehicle and looked about 15 yards up from the bridge and in the dry creek bed thought I saw what looked to be about 4 to 5 inches of a horn tip sticking out of the sand. I went down to investigate and began to dig and sure enough this is what I dug out. I took it home and did my best to clean it all out with an air compressor. 

I am no expert but this skull looks to be very, very old. Is also very heavy. By just guessing I would say early to mid 1800's. Don't know how dating something like this works but I am sure it could be done. It probably belongs in a museum. Skull weighs a little over 23 pounds. Anyway that is all I have for information on it. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I have had it stored in my basement since I found it. I have never seen one like this anywhere.

Accept Paypal only for this sale. Comes from a smoke free home. Will be packaged to protect it during shipping. Tracking will be provided. If you live somewhere in the Midwest and would like to pick it up that is an option we could work out. Use buy it now or if you would want to pick it up I will drop shipping charge.

Thanks for looking.

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