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[isdntekvideo] Scottish Claymore Sword

Traditionally Made, Heirloom Quality



Superlative & Unique Heirloom Quality Piece

Solid Brass Pommel & Cross Guard

Exquisitely Carved Hardwood Handle

Heavy Duty (wearable) 100% Leather Sheath

Cross-Chest Adjustable Leather Strap

Authentic Design

Hand Forged

Full TangP






Weight:2.9 Kilos (without scabbard) - Length:146 cm (without scabbard)

Blade length: 106.2 cm - Crossguard Width: 29 cm -Blade Width:4.9 cm (tapering)

This sword comes with a buckled cross-body strap for wearing on one's back in the traditional "Braveheart" manner.

The term claymore (from Scottish Gaelic claidheamh mòr, "great sword") usually refers to a two-handed sword with a cross hilt, of which the guards were turned down, used by the Highlanders of Scotland. The two-handed claymore was a large sword used in the late Medieval and Early Modern period. It was used in the constant clan warfare and border fights with the English from circa 1400 to 1700. The last known battle in which it is considered to have been used in a significant number was the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. It was somewhat larger than other two-handed swords of the era. The two-handed claymore seems to be an offshoot of early Scottish medieval swords which had developed a distinctive style of a cross-hilt with down sloping arms that ended in spatulate swellings. The spatulate swellings were frequently made in a quatrefoil design. Fairly uniform in style, the sword was set with around pommel.

There is a gap of a few millimeters between the blade and the protruding element of the crossguard. This is intentional as brass and steel are so different that they can't flex in unison, and a blade of this size will flex by a tiny degreeif usedfor vigorous cutting.

Solid Brass

Some sword hilts look as if they're solid brass, then a few years down the road when they get an accidental scratch, the so-called brass is revealed to be just a coating and henceforth your sword will look awful.There will be nosuch problem with this one -theguard and pommel aresolidbrass. Brass is not a metal meant for a blade, but it is very good for hilts, as it does not have the brittle qualities of steel or iron. Sword bladescan shatter when brutally impacted, whereas the brasson a hilt will bend slightly rather than snap - which means it can always be bent back into shape again afterwards.This is why brass, for many centuries,was commonly used as a standard metal for hilts - even modernmilitary ceremonial/dress swords, such as those used by the U.S. marines,use this ideal metal for theirpommels and guards.

Hand Forged

This is not a mass-produced blade stamped out of sheet metal, it's 100% guaranteed hand forged. The blade is shaped and delicately curved; created with timehonouredclassic sword making ingredients: hammer, anvil, fire and sweat - traditionally fired, shaped and polished by skilled artisans.Serious sword collectors will not accept anything else.This sword doesn’tjustlook good in the photo – it will in your hand. You’ll feel the weight - you’ll feel the balance.

Historically Accurate

This design is copied from a museum specimen.


This sword has been professionally sharpened.

Full Tang

Tang is a word of Old Norse origin, meaning a sharp point, tongue, or prong. The tang is an extension of the blade that you don't see because it is hidden underneath the handle. Most swords, if they are of any quality, should already have a full tang and it doesn't need to be advertised. It's something to expect. Nevertheless, we do feel a need to differentiate this item, as 95% of swords on the netare either rat-tails orhalf/quarter tangs. Such movie/fantasy pseudo-swords are strictly for decoration only, as the much needed support in the handle is missing. They might look pretty on a wall, but they will slowly (or very quickly) come apart if used in simulated combat.

A quarter or half tang means that the blade is partially imbedded into the hilt and does not form aconnection withthe pommel. It is more difficult and expensive to create a full tang, as the handle and guard have to be manufactured around each individual sword. The most common modern tang fitting,is the rat-tail. It's aptly named, asthis tanghas something like the length and thickness of a rat’s tail.Rat-tails are long inner threads which run the length of the handle.They screw into a pommel cap and are spot welded to the end ofthe blade. If a pommel can be unscrewed, this does not always mean it’s on a rat-tail –but it usually is. Almost all swords made in the People’s Republic of China (the ones most frequently seen on the internet) have a cheap rat-tail. Such tangs create a weak-point in the sword, focusing all of the force onto a tiny little weld.

With Scabbard

Supplied with a unique, custom made, hand crafted leather scabbard.

No Plastic, No PVC

Only solid brass,steel, copper or leather detailing/accents (where applicable).

Correct Finish

The blade’s steel is not inappropriately shiny with a mirror finish, but has the authentic bright-gray subdued sheenfavouredby enthusiasts.

Competitive Pricing

We don’t have the expense of a shopfront, so consequently we are able to sell top grade items at very reasonable prices.


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