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Complete Slice Chihuahua City 617g IC Mexico 1929 JayPiatek Meteorite Collection For Sale

Complete Slice Chihuahua City 617g IC Mexico 1929 JayPiatek Meteorite Collection

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Complete Slice Chihuahua City 617g IC Mexico 1929 JayPiatek Meteorite Collection:

Specimen Backstory:

Chihuahua City-This metal rich IC specimen wasdiscovered in 1929, inChihuahua, Mexico. The bulk of this specimen is still contained with several large institutions.

This specimen is special for being a complete slice and has the provenance of several well known collectors.

Comes with JPMC card, Original Jim Schwade & David New Collection cards

MetBase 7.3- {known}19kg: Chihuahua City, Chamber of Mines,18.1kg: London, Nat. Hist. Mus.,14.7kg: Tempe, Arizona State Univ.,8kg: Mexico City, National Observatory,2629g: Fort Worth, Texas Christ. Univ., Monnig Colln.,2034g: Cambridge, Harvard Univ.,1904g: Chicago, Field Mus. Nat. Hist.,820g: Canberra, Austr. Nat. Univ.,717g: Los Angeles, Univ. of Calif.,363g: Washington, Natl. Mus. Nat. Hist.,259g: Kankakee, Illinois, J.Schwade Colln.,226g: Zürich, J.Nauber Colln.,171g: Bettlach, T.Stuedi Colln.,118g: Sydney, Austr. Mus.,71g: Algonquin, DuPont Colln.,66g: New York, Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist.,64g: Paris, Mus. d'Hist. Nat.,61.2g: Mainz, Max-Planck-Inst. Chemie,55g: Copenhagen, Univ. Geol. Mus.,44.3g: Bad Mergentheim, Krimmer Colln.,37.7g: Leonding, Raab Colln.,33.5g: Bologna, Astron. Observatory,33.5g: Oeschgen, Beat Booz Colln.,25.5g: Tokyo, NIPR,21.4g: San Ramon, T.Toffoli Colln.

Specimen Statistics listed below:

Name ......................Chihuahua Mexico

Class ...................... IC

Find style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 14pt;">Total known wt …... 54kg

Specimen weight … 617g

Source .................... Schwade

The Jay Piatek Meteorite Collection is one of thelargest andmost diverse.Dr. Piatek was quite aggressive in hisprocurement adding manyspecimens to his collection that were felt to be impossible to acquire. Most were added via institutional exchanges that required much time and effort.. Most of the specimens thereforeare of museum quality and with excellent provenance.Over the years Dr. Jay Piatek has acquired many main masses. Some of the morerenowned being,NWA 7034 "Black Beauty", the new Martian basaltic breccia, Milton, Zinder, Jaybird Springs,and many more. He holds many locations individually. His collectioncurrentlyhouses 60 unique pallasite locations for instance. For reference, a large selection of specimens in the collection can be viewed simply by searching "jay piatek meteorite" in Google Images.

Dr. Piatekhas recently decided to specialize the collection and reduce many of the early holdings.This is your chance to obtain a specimen from this highlyregarded collection. All sales will come with a laminated JayPiatek Meteorite Collection Card illustratingthe meteorites'name, class ,specimen weight, total known weight,as well as the important criteria-provenance which in Dr Piatek's opinion should be one of the most importantfactors to consider before one purchases a specimen. So purchase from a trusted source and pass down a small piece of meteorite history from his collection to yours.

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