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diablerie tissue #BK64 ENTREE DE L'ENFER For Sale

diablerie tissue #BK64  ENTREE DE L'ENFER

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diablerie tissue #BK64 ENTREE DE L'ENFER:

"Diableries" as a descriptive word refers to a number of series of tissues, issued in France between 1860 and 1875, with the general subject of the devil in varying poses. A good number of the cards used the devil as a poorly disguised social satire of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon III, Emperor of France from 1852 to 1870, commenting on one or another aspect of his rule.

There are a number of titled series of cards – BK is a series of 72 published by Block, and is a compilation of cards from other series. May et al. have titled other non-BK series as B, C, D, E, EH, and F.

There is one small tear in the lower left of the right image which does not interfere with the view. The image is strong. There are some tears in both back tissues, which some idiot tried to fix with tape.

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