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DVD Lot # 16, George McBride. Magic Tricks For Sale

DVD Lot # 16, George McBride. Magic Tricks

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DVD Lot # 16, George McBride. Magic Tricks:

All DVD's have been well preserved, in pristine condition, scratch free. I viewed the original DVD perhaps twice, made a copy, placed original on shelf. I provide two photos of each DVD, front and inside displaying actual DVD to prove it's original, not a bootleg copy. Because they're in mint condition, no returns are acceptable. Too time consuming to note all effects taught, hope you understand. Retails for $30.
Hello and welcome, I've been performing magic for the past 35 years, time has come to let go some of the items so others can enjoy. I've gotten a lot of mileage utilizing these tricks professionally here in NY, Puerto Rico and abroad. Many of the items were purchased in New York Tannen's Magic Shop (1540 Broadway for those old enough to remember, ha) & others on line magic stores. I will do my very best to offer you guys a good price. Most items will start at a low starting offer while others having a fixed priced.
For the serious performers & professionals, I have a few items made by Todd Lassen, Morgan flipper coin, Ramsey Stack in Morgan, complete set with gimmick, corks, including 4 matching authentic Morgan coins and leather cylinder. I'll be including a Morgan flipper and matching Morgan silver dollar made by Dean Dill(may he rest in peace) a dear friend of mine became friends with Dean and Dean was nice enough to make the flipper for me, over 15 years ago. I have many Johnson Products including expanded English penny set with 4 matching coins, original Johnson cigarette through half dollar, Coin Unique by Eddie Gibson and many more. I have well over 100 items that i'll be posting weekly including books, cards, mentalism etc, many of which are no longer produced and extremely hard to find. I have many un gimmicked coin sets that I procured for "coins across, coins through table, matrix etc. So be on the look out. I'm contemplating posting authentic Morgan and Peace dollar shells complete with 4 authentic matching 4 coins, my go to is soft Morgan expanded shell set which I use daily. New items will be posted every few days, so stay tuned. Happy offerding and please feel free to ask any questions regarding books or any magic memorabilia that you are searching for, chances I may have and will post at a reasonable price.

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