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Egyptian Papyrus*The Queen Ankhesenamun and *30x40 cm*Additional-$7.00*ep.B-2.21 For Sale

Egyptian Papyrus*The Queen Ankhesenamun and *30x40 cm*Additional-$7.00*ep.B-2.21

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Egyptian Papyrus*The Queen Ankhesenamun and *30x40 cm*Additional-$7.00*ep.B-2.21:

Egyptian Papyrus, series "B"size 30x40 cm

2.21 - The Queen Ankhesenamun and King Tutankhamen facing Lotus

Additional picture series "B" - $7.00

Buy 3 or more pictures and we will add beautiful Egyptian bookmark

2.05 - Nefertari and Horus

2.12 - The throne of King Tutankhamen, carved wood coated with gold.
The King TUT is seated in an easy attitude, while the Queen Ankhesenamun is standing and anointing him. (Objects from the tomb of Tutankhamen about 1350 B.C)

2.13 - the Queen and Horus

2.14 - God Anubis and the King

2.16 - The Princess and the tree

2.20 - Tutankhamen is sitting facing a pond shooting wild fowl and fish.
The Queen Ankhesenamun is squatting on a cushion with an arrow in her hand waiting to pass it to the king

2.21 - The Queen Ankhesenamun and King Tutankhamen facing Lotus


3.02 - Dancing and singing girls. 18th dynasty 1425 B.C. Found in tomb Prince Nakht - Thebes

3.05 - The King and Horus

3.06 - Osiris and 3 girls

3.08 - Nefertari and Ramses presented lotus to Isis (wife of Osiris) wearing
headdress cow’s horns


4.01 - Prince Nakht (fishing and hunting in the Marshes).18th dynasty 1425 B.C. found in tomb Princes - Thebes

4.04 - The king at war, massacring his enemies.

4.05 - Party and the Cat

Excellent present for kids who study (or will study) Egypt in school

* Short history of Papyrus will be enclosed.

When he (or she) will bring this papyrus in the classroom, it will take attention of all pupils: “Wow! Where did you get it?”

*** We receive hundreds of paintings from companies: "Cleopatra", "The Nile for Papyrus", "Karnak".

*** All pictures reproduce actual paintings found in Egyptian tombs. *** All these companies certify that they use the same technique, which used by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago

Frame it, and adddecoration to your home or office.

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