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EX-Rare Antique Kahn's Chicken & Hog 100 lbs Feed Sacks 38" x 18" Farm 1920-30's For Sale

EX-Rare Antique Kahn's Chicken & Hog 100 lbs Feed Sacks 38

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EX-Rare Antique Kahn's Chicken & Hog 100 lbs Feed Sacks 38" x 18" Farm 1920-30's:

Awesome & Rare Rustic Farm Chicken & Hog 100 lbs Kahn's Feed Sacks,Perfect Display Pop to these Old Beauties by The E. Kahn's Sons,Cincinnati OhioApprox: 38" L x 18" W, Circa 1927's-1930'sFrom Private Collection
Collector's line up!!! A couple of rare beauties here! The sacks are used and have some stains & blips, but make a super display pop for anyone wanting to give some farm feel to a room or home. Not sure of the exact age, but likely 1920's to 1930's as there is an H.R. Kraybill signature as "State Chemist" on one paper tag (the hog sack) and he served from 1927 into the 1930's from our research. Both have original state inspection tags. Both tags are from same era, but we could not make out signature on 2nd tag as it is in cursive and small.
Both cloth sacks are a neat addition for collectors or someone wanting to create the perfect farm decor. Kahn's is yet another classic Americana story with a rich history in the growing United States before 1900 and on. They began business in 1883 in Cincinnati and flourished as a leading meat processor in the nation for over 80 years before being acquired by Consolidated Foods in 1966 and others later, but still producing under Kahn's brand name. Cincinnati had been a leading pork and other meat processing city for decades already, but Kahn's refined the process and kind of rose to the top and were known for their quality cuts. The poultry and hog feed processing must have been a minor business within the corporation making use of by products of general meat processing which would have been important during the depression years from which these bags appear to have been made. This may also be why these feed sacks are so rare. We could only find 1 (the hog feed) showing up in search results going back over 20 years and not much more on them.
We are offering the pair at a reasonable price, given the rarity and appeal of the feed sacks. We think $175-$200 per bag is likely truer value, but we are priced far under that. We would be willing to sell at $165 (plus shipping) each if someone would prefer.
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