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Exceptional Italian Sacra conversazione Painting Jacopo II Palma Vecchio For Sale

Exceptional Italian Sacra conversazione Painting Jacopo II Palma Vecchio

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Exceptional Italian Sacra conversazione Painting Jacopo II Palma Vecchio:

Exceptional ItalianSacra conversazione PaintingOil on CanvasVenice
Madonna & Child / Saint Catherine Of Alexandria & Saint Jerome
Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this stunning painting hanging in the house of a previous collector that diedHis daughter wanted to keep itbut I made her an offer she couldn't resist
What an Example of quality , power & finesse of the Italian School
Can you imagine to have this Museum piece in your home?
Antique Canvas
Written text on the back that speaks aboutJacopo Giacomo Palma il Giovane /JacopoNegretti /Palma Giovani& also about Palma il Vecchio (oldPalma)
here is what I can read from this written text (however it is hard to read on some parts)"Palma, Giacomo called il Vecchio or Old Palma born at Serinalta in the territory of of Bergamo,....the year 1540..... 1548. Some place his death in 15..... others in 1596, and others in 1628
Let's go back in time (let's saysomewhere end of 1800) when information was not so accurate as it is nowadaysin the written text 2 importantItalian Painters are notedJacopo or Giacomo Palma il Giovane & his nephew Palma il Vecchiothey are familybut when we check the birth date of Giacomo Palma Il Giovaneit is exactly the same date as written in this text 1548 also the date of his death is written ... 1622 but that should be 1628so I believe this is a painting from one of those two famous Painters from Venice or in the close circle - however I cannot proof it.
Also written on the back"purchased at Venice 18.... (hard to read)
Wax seals on the back
frame is not theoriginal one (younger)Condition:Normal traces of use & agesmall damage/paint loss / craquelé in the paint/traces ofdirtneeds cleaning /restoration to be just perfect againPhotos are a part of the description
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more photosDimensions frame included:approx 99 cm wide x 88 cm high
Shipping, packing & handling 100 USdollars

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