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GUHYASAMAJA, Akshobhyavajra TANTRA Deity Buddhist TIBETAN THANGKA Print 23x35" For Sale

GUHYASAMAJA, Akshobhyavajra TANTRA Deity Buddhist TIBETAN THANGKA Print 23x35

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GUHYASAMAJA, Akshobhyavajra TANTRA Deity Buddhist TIBETAN THANGKA Print 23x35":

Guhyasamaja, Akshobhyavajra TANTRA Deity Buddhist TIBETAN THANGKA Print 23x35"

This is a printed reproduction on a canvas textured paper-not a hand-painted original

Guhyasamaja, Akshobhyavajra

Guhyasamaja, Is the one of the five great masters of Tibetan Buddhism Tantra meditation. Guhyasamaja is the most respected in the worshiped as one of the three great deities in the Anuttara yoga Tantra. He is one of the three main deity of the Gagyu sect, is the inherited of the Gagyu lineage - Marpa master, is the guardian deity from Gagyu lineage of founder master- Tsongkhapa. Guhyasamaja also become one of the deity worshiped in the royal count. The Guhyasamaja Tantra is one of the most important scriptures of Tantric Buddhism. Guhyasamaja also is the Protector belong to Karma Kagyu school.

Karma Kagyu, one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism, is a sect that transmits Dharma. It has been 900 years old. The direct teaching between the masters and apprentices in these nine hundred years has never been interrupted.

In the center is the Guhyasamaja, Color in Red. Male. He is dressed a five-leafed hat decorated with mucktaharas around the edge and a pearl embedded in the top. He has three heads and six arms . The frontal face is red while the right one is white and the left one blue. Looking slightly angry. The frontal two hands, in mudra, hold dorje and bell while embracing the consort. The remaining two right hands wield a sword and Dharma wheel respectively. The two left hands wield a hook and chain respectively. His consort has characteristics matching exactly that of the Guhyasamaja, which is in a full lotus position. The consort sitting on the padma seat encircles the Guhyasamaja with her legs around his waist. In the red and green lights of background, both of them wear nothing above the waist, but wae a white skirt. There are extremely dense lotus patterns in the padma seat and backlights. The lotus seat, with pedals of the different color, is supported by a base.

Around the main Guhyasamaja are the Incarnation.

CONDITION:Some paper staining and spotting on print - see photo

SIZE:Approx. 23 x 35 in (58.4 x 88.9 cm)


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