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Hathor Copper Sistrum (Musical Instrument) Replica from her Original Collection For Sale

Hathor Copper Sistrum (Musical Instrument) Replica from her Original Collection

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Hathor Copper Sistrum (Musical Instrument) Replica from her Original Collection:

This item is 100% handmade with love and passion by the best sculptors of our family.
Brand: Pharaohswebstore.
Item Description:Sistrum, Greek seistron, percussion instrument, a rattle consisting of a wood, metal, or clay frame set loosely with crossbars (often hung with jingles) that sound when the instrument is shaken. A handle is attached to the frame.
Ancient sculpture replica from the original one, 100% Egyptian HAND MADEMade from CopperHeight: 11 InchesWidth: 4 Inches
History:In ancient Egypt, sistrums were either temple-shaped or had a closed-horseshoe shape. The sistrum was used in the cult of the goddess Hathor and later, as Hathor merged with the maternal and life-giving goddess Isis, use of the sistrum spread with the cult of Isis throughout the Roman Empire. Open-topped, U-shaped sistrums existed by 2500 BC in Sumer and have been excavated near Tbilisi, Georgia. Similar sistrums are played today in the liturgy of the Coptic and Ethiopian churches. They also exist in western Africa, among two American Indian tribes, and as the bamboo shark rattle of Malaysia and Melanesia. “Sistrum” sometimes also refers to a bell glockenspiel.Payment:We are currently accepting PayPal payments only.
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