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Heroes of 'Troy'MEMNON- Body Armour, & Armbraces. For Sale

Heroes of 'Troy'MEMNON- Body Armour, & Armbraces.

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Heroes of 'Troy'MEMNON- Body Armour, & Armbraces.:

This is anotherone off FULL armoured outfitthemed to TROY. MEMNON COUSIN OF HECTOR!!. This leather body armour is heavily studded and detailedwith a16 raysunburst medalion at top center with a striking COBRA midsection

In Homer's Iliad MEMNON came with his army to reinforce TROY after the death of the AMAZON QUEEN PENTHESILEIA.~MEMNON achieved many short successes on the battle field against the Greek`s and also managed to drive them back from the walls of TROY and killing NESTOR son of ANTIOCLUS after his chariot crashedin the process. The significance in the striking COBRA is what men can do whenthier back`s are to the wall!!!!The historical significance of THE 16 RAY SUNBURST is 1 for each of the 12GODS on OLYMPUSand4 morefor each of the elements.

This outfit will suit medium to large builds, is fully adjustable at the sides with lacing.Measurements are as follows:`main body armour is 87cms from shoulder to tip of studded fullskirting with a width of 52cms across the front and back not includingside laceadjustments.Heavily studded with brass concho discswith adjustable shoulder strappings.Nothing much moreI can add to this soI will leave it to the pictures, all offers will be considered. This outfit was created as part of the heroes ofTroy series.

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