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J Mattison Chicago Illinois complex double boxed wood molding moulding plane 2* For Sale

J Mattison Chicago Illinois complex double boxed wood molding moulding plane 2*

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J Mattison Chicago Illinois complex double boxed wood molding moulding plane 2*:

You are offerding on one J Mattison complex wood molding or moulding plane as pictured.

It is marked "J MATTISON ILL CHICAGO" inside the border on the front end, and "4/8" on the back end.

The iron is marked "DWIGHTS & FOSTER".

Overall length is about 9-7/16".

Joseph Matteson was a hardware dealer in Chicago from about 1839 to 1844 under his name, and was later in several partnerships. Please see the book American Wooden Planes 5th Edition for more information about him, and it rates his planes as two stars for rarity. Although the plane is marked MATTISON, the book spells the name as MATTESON.

Condition is very good, with a variety of scratches and dings in the wood. The boxing doesn't fit perfectly, doesn't appear to be boxwood, but I believe that it is original. The left front piece has some wear or lengthwise chips. The wedge finial is cracked but not completely split, and the iron and wedge both appear original to the plane.

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