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Karnak Temple Postcard - 2 Different Paintings - Lenticular - 91¢ shipping For Sale

Karnak Temple Postcard - 2 Different Paintings -  Lenticular  - 91¢ shipping

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Karnak Temple Postcard - 2 Different Paintings - Lenticular - 91¢ shipping:

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Karnak Temple - 2 Images -

4x6 inches

Animated Flicker Postcard from Karnak, Temple. Turn the card and see one painting, turn the card the other way and see the another painting.

Lenticular 3D images or auto stereograms have a unique quality among 3D formats. Lenticular prints can be viewed in 3D no glasses needed, which result in a more realistic and powerful image.What makes these postcards so different? 3D postcards take the flat scene and bring it to life. If you close one eye and look at the scene, it does not seem complete. Open both eyes and the world is alive.That is what 3D does for you. So purchase 3D postcards that bring real life to you or send as a gift to share the 3D experience.The back of this postcard contains lines for mailing address

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