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Large Mayan art sculpture of the Temple of the Sun mural from Palenque, Mexico For Sale

Large Mayan art sculpture of the Temple of the Sun mural from Palenque, Mexico

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Large Mayan art sculpture of the Temple of the Sun mural from Palenque, Mexico:

Three piece limestone mural of the Temple of the Sun, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Offer for sale and/ or Buy It Now is a genuine limestone sculpture of the mural (Stelae) of the Temple of the Sun from the archeological site of Palenque, in Chiapas, Mexico, carved in three pieces in Bas relief. The three-piece limestone Bas Relief mural (68” x 88”) is unique, a perfectly sculpted copy and much better preserved than the original still in Palenque, which has deteriorated because of exposure and weather.

This is not a concrete sculpture casted from a mold, but sculpted pieces carved in bas relief from massive slabs of limestone from Yucatan, Mexico, a work carried out by a premier Mexican artist, the late sculptor Wilbert Gonzalez of Ticul, Mexico, who was honored by a succession of Mexican Presidents.

The mural depicts in life-size figures the Mayan King Pakal of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico, presenting and exchanging manikins of power with his son, Bahlam, both standing on prostrate slaves, both wearing tassel headdresses of feathers and water lilies (symbols of life). Glyphs describe the scene at right and left. Earth god in center flanked by spears resting on stone jaguar supported by prostrate slaves. Pascal died age 93 after building the magnificent city-state of Palenque in the jungle of Chiapas, with palace, observatory, and the fabulous Temple of the Inscriptions with Pacal’s own underground tomb.

This is an ideal piece for:

1. A Private home collection

2. A Mexican style Hotel or Restaurant decor, interior.

The original three pieces making up the full sculpture have already been removed from the frame and wall and theframe pieces and anchoring materialareready for pick upby the buyer's movers.(see photos)The 3 piecesare still extremely heavy, requiring professionals for pick up, moving, and transporting.Sold via local pick up only. Removal and transportationto be arranged by buyer with the cooperation of seller before committing to buy.Thank you!

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