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Life Sized Egyptian TUTANKHAMUN SARCOPHAGUS - Hand Carved & Painted, Mahogany For Sale

Life Sized Egyptian TUTANKHAMUN SARCOPHAGUS - Hand Carved & Painted, Mahogany

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Life Sized Egyptian TUTANKHAMUN SARCOPHAGUS - Hand Carved & Painted, Mahogany:

We purchased this King Tut piece from the son of an Egyptian artist/merchant in 1999 (I kept his business card - in my purse - all these years, pictured), and are ready to find a new home for "him". This is truly aone-of-a-kindpiece, and has been with us as the centerpiece of our home for just over 20 years. He would also be a great focal point in a restaurant, corporate office or art piece for a business office.
We don't know exactly how long ago he was constructed. We do know he was hand carved out of mahogany and hand painted with gold leaf. Either he was painted to look perfectly aged, or has aged perfectly. He looks the same as he did the day we brought him home, including a few beautiful & interesting surface cracks on the exterior; perhaps acquired on his journey by container from Egypt.
The two pieces fit together smoothly with five dowels. You will also see a thin cable around him in the photos, which we left on when we got him, but isn't really functional. He holds together tightly on his own and can be pulled apart with little effort. The inside is padded and lined with royal blue velveteen fabric with a carved headrest.
He measures about 71" tall, and 20" both wide and deep. We haven't weighed him, but he's probably somewhere between 60 and 75 pounds and is solid as a tank.
The toughest part will be getting it to you. Here are options:
  • You can pick him up in the Twin Cities, MN (free)
  • We will deliver him to you within 150 miles of the Twin Cities metro area (free)
  • If you live in the Midwest, we can arrange to meet somewhere between the Twin Cities metro area and you ($100)
  • I got some rough estimates from FedEx freight and UPS freight, among others, and it looks like it will be $250-$300 + packaging (another $40); insurance included. Let's split it at $175.00
Shipping to contiguous United States only. No returns...we want him to find his new home for at least the next two decades!

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