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Lovely Egyptian Bust Statue / sculpture - Akhenaten Statue for Home Decoration For Sale

Lovely Egyptian Bust Statue / sculpture - Akhenaten Statue for Home Decoration

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Lovely Egyptian Bust Statue / sculpture - Akhenaten Statue for Home Decoration:

Akhenaten and Nefertiti was a famous couple, just like Cleopatra and Mark Antony. Another romance story from Egypt .Queen Nefertiti is often referred to in history as "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World." The Berlin bust, seen from two different angles, is indeed, the most famous depiction of Queen Nefertiti. Found in the workshop of the famed sculptor Thutmose, the bust is believed to be a sculptor's model. The technique which begins with a carved piece of limestone, requires the stone core to be first plastered and then richly painted. Flesh tones on the face give the bust life.Her full lips are enhanced by a bold red. Although the crystal inlay is missing from her left eye, both eyelids and brows are outlined in black. Her graceful elongated neck balances the tall, flat-top crown which adorns her sleek head. The vibrant colors of the her necklace and crown contrast the yellow-brown of her smooth skin. While everything is sculpted to perfection, the one flaw of the piece is a broken left ear. Because this remarkable sculpture is still in existence, it is no wonder why Nefertiti remains "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World."Back to Akhenaten. Akhenaten was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who reigned about 3,500 years ago.He made some major, but rather short-lived changes to various aspects of ancient Egyptian culture, the most notable one being his religious revolution. Akhenaten also made major changes in the ancient Egyptian art style, and presented himself in a very different manner from any of his predecessors.
AkhenatenDimensions: 35*7.5*7.5 CM
Material : Fiber Resin
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