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Military Order of Savoy Commander’s Neck Badge -RARE For Sale

Military Order of Savoy Commander’s Neck Badge -RARE

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Military Order of Savoy Commander’s Neck Badge -RARE:

Selling off 35+ year collection of Imperial German and General rank uniforms, spikes, orders and misc items.

Unmarked. Superbly crafted specimen shows almost no wear/age and little damage or excessive wear to enamel. (Yellowing on the reverse upper white enamelappearsto be lacquer. using my fingernail I was able to scrap off, reveling the bright white enamelunderneath) Separately applied center medallion features inscribed in gold letters “AL MERITO MILITARE” (for military Merit). Reverse also features separate medallion with crossed swords and “V” and “E” for Vittorio Emanuele and dated 1885. Medal comes complete with crown, ribbon and section of original tailored ribbon. The Military Order of Savoy was founded by Vittorio Emanuele I, Duke of Savoy, on 14 August 1815. It was renewed by King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia (later King Victor Emmanuel I of Italy) in 1855. It became an Italian order after the unification of Italy in 1861 and was the highest Italian military award. The Order still exists today, having been renamed the Ordine Militare d’Italia in 1947 when Italy became a republic.

Some of the items I'm listing are unsold lots from a Thies sale from a few years ago when I consigned my entire collection. Hence the numbers that appear in some of the photographs. If you would like additional pictures, please just let me know.

Please email with any questions. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance costs.

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