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Monumental Bronze Egyptian Sphinx Pharaoh Head Garden Statue For Sale

Monumental Bronze Egyptian Sphinx Pharaoh Head Garden Statue

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Monumental Bronze Egyptian Sphinx Pharaoh Head Garden Statue:

Warehouse 414 Monumental Bronze Egyptian Sphinx Pharaoh Head Garden Statue
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    Over scaled and marvelous this bronze bust depicting the famous Egyptian Sphinx Pharaoh head is sure to spark conversation and make a statement wherever you use it whether in your garden, your entryway, or study. This is a very heavy bronze statue which is in excellent condition. And, although unsigned, there was no lack of talent where the artist who sculpted this was concerned. You can see the skill in the phenomenal details; from the Nemes striped headdress, which was worn by King Tut, to the rearing cobra symbol, The Uraeus, attached to the Seashed headdress or metal headband. Plus, this Pharaoh’s facial expression is extremely life-like and well done. This wonderful treasure should be giving you pleasure in your surroundings. Make him yours.

    Fabulous and monumental in size bronze statue of the famous Egyptian Sphinx Pharaoh head. Could this be Tutankhamen? This large bust is in excellent condition and ready to admire in your home or garden.


    • Height – 25 Inches
    • Width – 18 Inches
    • Depth – 19 Inches
    • Weight – 88.4 pounds

    Crated Size:

    • Height – 32 Inches
    • Width – 24 Inches
    • Depth – 24 Inches
    • Weight – 180 pounds
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