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HOW IS THIS FOR RARE? *** THIS MAY WELL BE THE ACTUAL SIGN ON THIS HEINZ ELECTRIC DELIVERY TRUCK!!! ***This RARITY, discovered in a barn near Salem, Ohio, is a survivor. Each of the estimated 20 - 30 electric trucks in the initial electric truck delivery fleet* (circa 1899-08) had two on each side. A number of electric trucks were used as late as WWI. Of all the 3 way signs gracing the sides of the trucks...there is only one known. THIS IS THE ONLY KNOWN SURVIVING SIGN OF ITS TYPE!! Noneof thebetter known sale houses contacted are aware of oneeverreachingthe market. No one recalls seeing one at the National Antique Advertising Show. They are that rare!!! That hard to find!!! It is most likely the last survivingHeinz advertising sign of its kind from this iconic Company. It's rarity is beyond the pale. The sign came in two versions, the other version is of equalsize (57 inches long), which was created for the grocery trade. It features the same Heinz Pickle trademark and louvered advertising copy painted on the louvers but specifically made with the name of aprominentretailer/grocer on one end...a sign the grocer"proudly offered quality Heinz products". Heinz has used their sign in product advertisements on at least one occasion I am aware of. Their version too, is rare as they were only awarded selectively to the best of Heinz's 1969one of these customized louvered signssurfaced. At the time I was in Trade and Public Relations at Heinz Corporate when I got a phone call offering tosell a grocer version of the Heinz louvered sign to the Company,whichI recommended Mr. H J Heinz II purchase for the 1969 Heinz Company Centennial. He did...sight unseen. (See the attachedphoto fromthe book "In Good Company" by Eleanor Foa Dienstag showing Mr. Heinz looking over a selection of early Heinz advertising art with that sign in the background). To seethisrarity first hand,visitthe Senator John HeinzRegional HistoryCenter in Pittsburgh. Mine was found in 1972 and as luck would have it...I just happened to be a Product Manager on the Heinz Pickle brand! It has been our most prized Heinz collectible ever since. The louvered Heinz product sign wastheperfect match for use on the Heinz "electric merchantil wagons" *. As the trucks moved down the street their slow speed (thus low mileage noted) allowed folksto read the passing messages. First you read "TOMATO SOUP" which transitioned into the trademarked"HEINZ PICKLE", then louvered into"BAKED BEANS" as the truck passed by. The wood and tinsign measures 14 inches high and (of course) 57 inches long.The outerbevel is a cream of tomato colorwith base color ofnavy blue band. A 1/2 inch gold molding frames the metal louver.A cream color was usedas the background for theHeinz Pickle and Heinz. Thebrass nameplateat the base of the signreads: Patented July 25, IND Provenance: Acquiredin 1972 when promoted from Exhibit Manager toProduct Management on the Heinz pickle brand. The consensus at the time was that afteruse on the electric trucks they were used at public fairs, the Heinz Pier in Atlantic City, at trade shows, theHeinz Visitor Center (where I was once a Tour Guide) and other promotional/advertising venuesby the Public Relations Department (hence the hooks at the top). As mentioned, somesignswere latermodified to includethe name and products ofselect grocers. Thenumber of these signs is also unknown. As far as can be determined, one of each has survived. Our sign is most likely the only survivor from the Heinz electric manyyears of enjoying this iconic old friend, it is time for us to find her a new caretaker. Another may not pass this way... ever.Check out the other items from our collection of good things from back in the day.*It all started whenMr. Heinz visited a trade show in New York's Madison Square Garden and purchaseda Pope truck which was shipped to Pittsburgh. There it wastransformedintoan "advertising device" ...possibly this very sign... where itdelivered the light goods donated as Christmas presents to churches, fire halls, police stations, political rallies, homes and charitable organizations. Once its mechanical problems were resolved, the Company bought a mixture of Popes, American Electromobiles and Columbia Electrics.They were among the the first electric trucks to be used in Pittsburgh and Chicago and New York City. They were painted dark green and black with a large Pickle on the roof and a louvered sign on each side. (See photo)PEOPLE...this a very rare sign! Want the best? Offers welcome. Why am I selling it...I can't take it with me. (BONUS...Heinz Electric Truck model added at no extra cost)

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