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A recent MEDIA fiasco has decimated my poster business. Sales are way down while everyone is finger pointing. In light of the sudden-death armageddon that has presented itself, I've decided to blow this poster OUT with an equally dramatic price drop ⌦BELOW COST!!!I normally would never do this, but since the end is near I feel I have no choice, and so now is your chance to get this at a tiny dot fraction of what it's worth! Keep in mind, thePANIC and SCAREthat has effected me will not last forever. Lest we forget that the end was near with Y2K, 911,Ebola,SARS,the hokey pokey, and, the Andromeda Strain! So get this now if you can muster the strength or courage:

UP FOR SALE isby far and away the best Buffalo Bill poster ever discovered- It's also the nicest too!


  • FIRST -This poster's artwork is simply the most sophisticated and impact filled piece of western poster art ever rendered! Just check out the face of the rider and the face of the horse - I've never seen such intensity depicted on a western poster. Heck, I can't think of a Karloff or Lugosi poster with more startling impact. The rider is engulfed in the most serious spirit of the cowboy's ways, as where the horse, as full partner, is also loving life to its fullest. This is all witnessedby the mostbelievablyhappy expression you'll ever see on a horse in full gallop - at least on a poster. It's anamazingpiece of art, and rightfully so.As I'm sure you're aware, Buffalo Bill was not only a pioneer of the western exhibition, he also pioneered the art of the western poster by engaging the finest artists of the day to design all of his advertising. By 1912 (when this poster was issued) they had perfected it! I've been studying Buffalo Bill posters since the 1980's and have avidly been collecting the best of them since 2005, and so I’ve seen them all. With that said,you won't find another poster with artwork similar to this one. If you look at all the other Buffalo Bill's Wild West posters, you might notice that they're almost all rendered with very traditional poster techniques. One of the most unifying elements found onallof the Buffalo Bill posters (except this one) is that all ofthe poster art clearly depicts all of the subjects - no matter how complex they may be. CLEARLY DEPICTING meaning fully focused and SHARP. If you look at this sophisticated baby, you'll see that this poster artist for this particular poster did NOT do that, which makes it a very notable departure from the hundreds of other Buffalo Bill posters known to exist!!!That's no small accomplishment.

    The artist for this poster used a shallow focus technique that was seldom (if ever) seen back in 1912. That's when this poster was designed and printed (see photo #3),shortly after the turn of the 20th century - when Buffalo Bill was still alive. If you take a look, you’ll notice on this poster that the ONLY razor sharp elements are the rider and the horse's face. You’ll also notice that the tail of the horse and the other surrounding imagery, as well as the entire background, are purposely drawn as to be soft focus. This is a technique WAY ahead of its time. You won't find another Buffalo Bill poster anywhere that employs this kind of sophisticated artistry - on a stone litho no less! It adds great movement and excitement to the poster's more than stellar artwork. Additionally, this artwork is based on one of the famous Frederic Remington western sculptures. It's the only Buffalo Bill poster to use Remington's art in this way, which is another reason this 1-sheet stands alone.

  • SECOND - You're never going to find a RARER poster! That's a fact. This is the single only known surviving example. It's so rare that this poster has NEVER been reproduced - so you're getting a true 1-of-a-kind item!
  • THIRD -If you're reading this you may or may not be a poster collector. However, if you are, you'll concede that there’s one undeniable fact about posters and their collectibility: The most collected and popular size is (and has always been) the one-sheet. That's what this poster is - a proper 1-sheet. It measures 28 inches by 41 inches, which makes this especially attractive to poster aficionados and paper collectors alike. Not that this poster is only going to appeal to poster or paper collectors. I actually think I have a better chance of selling this to someone who just wants ONE example of a western poster - to represent the genre of poster. Perhaps someone who collects western ephemera or art, like a Remington sculpture collector. I can't think of a better companion piece to a Remington collection than this poster!
  • FOURTH -The condition. Though well over 100 years old now, this poster has remained UN-RESTORED. That fact in itself is an improbable miracle, as almost 100% of all the Buffalo Bill Wild West posters that still exist have now been backed or restored in some kind of a way. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing - to restore a poster - but it's especially nice to see a poster in its natural state BEFORE it's backed, so you know exactly what you're getting. This poster is extremely solid! It has a few stains and a few wrinkles, some minor paper loss at the top cross-fold (by the rider’s arm), but it's still standing very proud as it is, and would really look mint if you ended up deciding to have it linen or paper-backed. After giving it careful consideration, I've decided to let the next owner choose to back it or not. I'm leaving it alone for now. I've posted a direct scan of the poster, so you can really see all of it in its natural state with all of its undeniable western-filled glory.

William F. Cody better known as Buffalo Bill - one of the most important and celebrated people in the history of the United States. W.F. Cody at age 11 was the worlds first "Boy Scout." He fought as a U.S. Cavalry man throughout the entire Civil War. He also fought in and survived ALL of the Indian wars! It helped that he was the BEST rifle shot and rider of all men and held the world record for such. Buffalo Bill was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery! A frontier man, Cody was one of the original Pony Express riders and is also accredited with creating the form of entertainment commonly known as The Wild West Show. Buffalo Bill was the most famous and the most photographed man of his time. In 1908 Cody merged his Buffalo Bill's Wild West with Pawnee Bill's Far East. end of Buffalo Bill's live exhibitions, they even went into the 1912, long before Charlie Chaplin, Buffalo Bill Cody became one of the very first screen stars if not the first screen star. Cody used the relatively new medium of the moving picture to document his Wild West show and reenactments of his famous adventures. Real wild west personalities Bull wereamongthe legends who appeared with Cody at the shows and in the films which the Buffalo Bill Pawnee Bill Film Company released themselves!

Buying this Cody Poster is ECONOMY PROOF!Why waste your money in the stock market? It can crash regardless of anydecision you make and can even crash regardless of any decision made by the company related to the stock -Leaving you with a near worthless piece of paper that won't inspire anyone! With the purchase of an historic documentsuch asthis REALWild West treasure, it doesn't matter what happens to the economy, you'll still have the poster, whichcan be displayed and enjoyed. The magnificence of art and historic documents have an inherent value that relates to civilization and society. Unless civilization itself crashes then this piece will hold its value, and, if civilization itself crashes- Who'll care about money? This poster is definitely



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