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PELIKAN K 250 K200 Ballpoint Pen black/blue NEW, ALTERNATIVE to K150 K205 K400 For Sale

PELIKAN K 250 K200 Ballpoint Pen black/blue NEW, ALTERNATIVE to K150 K205 K400

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PELIKAN K 250 K200 Ballpoint Pen black/blue NEW, ALTERNATIVE to K150 K205 K400:

If Liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don´t want to hear. (G.Orwell)
Yes we (s)can ? ... is that a new Freedom of Opinion ? ... I will stay very OLD FASHIONED !
What you write down in Old-Fashioned style is Secure against Computer Espionage (...and what about
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... written with a sharp nib
Never the less, is a Good Occasion to buy Bargain

buyers from EU Countrys: This offer does not include German / European Tax !
You have to add 19% Value Added Tax to the strike price !

MADE IN GERMANY - F i n e P e l i k a n P e n s - MADE IN GERMANY

Pelikan Ballpoint Pen K250
in bicolour black & dark blue

Diamond polished body and gold plated clips and fittings.
Screw thread made from solid metal for break protection.

Engravement: "PELKAN GERMANY" on double body-ring.
Just to details carefully crafted in high precision. (up to 1/100 ths mm)


With original packing, still produced in the Hannover ancestress factory till 97, never used
directly out of a small stock on hand, packed in original Pelikan cardboard box.
Parker Refills suitable

The retail price of the topical K200 is 85 € corresponding 109 US$.
From my point of view, there is no quality difference to topical Peine production,(nearby Hannover)
but the Old Style is collectable. You recognize the old style by the double gold ring in the middle.

The K250 ballpoint pen has nearly the same quality as the K400 Souveran and only a small difference in design/colour.
On the K400 the screw for fixing the clip is made from metal .This does not cause the price difference.
The K250 is much more bargain than the K400 Souveran.
(see the K400 picture in my other offers)

Buyers from EU countrys:
This overseas offer is calculated without 19% German//European sales tax.
Please add 19% tax to the item price, also additional to a best offer price !Buyers from non EU countrys
You have to pay all import dutys depending from law in your contry
(USA is duty tax free up to 800$)

I prefere Paypal as a fast way of overseas payment.

Fast Payment = Fast Shipment :
Your exclusive fine pen will come by Deutsche Post, registered letter, airmail. I live nearby Frankfurt.
On request I can ship overpost centre with transportDIRECTLYto FANKFURT Rhein/MainAIRPORT.

Packed with commercial invoicein original small Pelikan cardboard box, break protection +air padded envelope.
Packing, handling and transport fee is 20.00 US$, shipping discount 1 $ for each additional item.
Further detailsofcombined shipping on special request. Limitedliability (40 $) for transport risks.

If your housing area is not secure from delivery stealing or damage I recommend completely insured posting.
(additional 1,60 / 100$ insured value) But some consignee reported a longer dispatch time and duty control
In case of any transport injure I have to start a research order over DHL. This can need up to 8 weeks.
Also I will probably need a official report from your DHL station for deplore of any transport damage.
So, in that case immediate refund is not possible. But on principle Deutsche Post / DHL service isreliable.

Shipping to EU countrys is also 20 $. Sorry I do not need you change €uro to US$ and back again to €,
double exchange fee to debit of me. So before offerding it could be advantageous to contol my other
offers, if the same item is also offered in EUR

Have much fun and good luck
in offerding on this sale

MADE IN GERMANY-F i n e P e l i k a n P e n s-buy from Country ofOrigin

by the way, Pelikan says MADE IN GERMANY ! ....
But it´s absolutely not logical,if a German producer of Precious Traditional Pens would sell to dealers from
ASIA(?) andthey resell worldwide in for a special price below the German dealers buy price ?? ?
And all that in opposition to topical Gold- and Precious Metal Price Rally ? What s wrong there ?

That could be a serious disturbance of sales distribution and offends the German producers interest ???

Some principle words about the GOLD and SILVER price:
We live in a time of inflating money politics. Depending from worldwide debt crisis the interest rates seems to
be manipulated ! by the reserve banks buying state debts with additional money directly out of the press.
But Inflation is a hidden expropriation ! to debit of retirement savings.
So, the gold and silver price will never go down til they finally regulate the
Tax- and the Banking-System too, smile.. . AND PAY BACK ALL STATE DEBT.. . ?

So it could be advantageous to buy some Silver Money, take a look to my Silver Coin

Ausnahme-Regelung für Käufer aus Deutschland und EU-Ländern:
Für Käufer aus Deutschland und den EU-Ländern kommt der Vertragsschluß erst mit deren Zustimmung zur
Zahlung der zusätzlichen 19% MwSt zustande. Ich weise ausdrücklich darauf hin, daß ein Kaufvertrag
über .COM in diesem Fall nicht nach Deutschen Recht zu Stande kommt. Ein Widerrufsrecht,
vergleichbar mit Deutschem Recht wird ohne Rechtsanspruch und nur aus Kulanzgründen eingeräumt.
Zahlungsaufforderung per PAYPAL od. Banküberweisung sowie Rechnungsstellung erfolgen grundsätzlich in Euro.

Hintergrund: in .COM wird eine Deutsche Widerrufsbelehrung nicht angezeigt und im Widerrufsfall ist ein
Abzug vom Rückerstattungs-Betrag für Wertminderung durch erstmalige Ingebrauchnahme noch höchst umstritten.
Darüber hinaus ist in .COM eine PAYPAL Zahlung zwingend vorgeschrieben, ohne daß dem Käufer Möglichkeit
zur kostengünstigen Banküberweisung eingeräumt wird ! Hiermit verbundene Preisnachteile, Kosten des 2 maligen
Währungstausches sowie Abmahnrisiken u. MwSt. werden nicht von mir übernommen !! !

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