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President Donald Trump Media news archives, 10,000 hours (6 years) on DVD For Sale

President Donald Trump Media news archives, 10,000 hours (6 years) on DVD

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President Donald Trump Media news archives, 10,000 hours (6 years) on DVD :

For sale is my comprehensive President Donald J. Trump media video news documentation (book research and investigative evidence) on DVD.

This up to date 1,300-8-hour DVD disk collection, is an exclusive record of daily cable top-of-the-hour breaking-news media video accounts, beginning with the Trump campaign in November of 2015 featuring the fiery candidates, the live Trump/Clinton debates, the Comey letter, complete election coverage (both 2016 and 2018), headline news and discussions of eighteen+ Trump-related investigations. This collection includes all TV newsworthy events and stories up until the complete six-week impeachment trial of President Trump in 2020. (Many days in five years of coverage account for as much a 16 hours of recorded TV news programming.)

Widely covered in this historic account was that remarkable Vladimir Putin meeting live press conference, and all of Trump’s events, including the all-day Inauguration (live), White House briefings, press conferences, countless Trump Tweets, all Russia-related breaking-news, Wikileaks, the dossier, AG Jeff Sessions recusal/firing, and obstruction of justice news segments.

There are thousands of news segments on Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller related news, his targets, indictments, federal convictions, including defendants, Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Stone and others are also discussed in great detail (live) on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and other national news outlets.

These daily recorded DVDs include discussions with political pundits, Senators, and Congressmen dealing with Trump-related news, Trump’s often-live statements, actions, his bizarre Tweets over three years, and live anti-press White House briefings filled with fabricating spin by Sarah Sanders.

This unique video collection contains the involvement of President Obama, countless news segments and discussions about the “Wall,” and the Trump Tower meeting with Russians, Trump’s titanic controversy over Trump's broken promise to release his tax returns, the Comey firing, the surprising Mattis resignation, the many other peculiar Trump’s firings and appointments, live Congressional all-day testimony, lively discussions about Russian collusion, hundreds of live statements from members of the House and Senate along with criminal targets of the Mueller probe, including countless segments on obstruction of justice investigations/collusion.

Well covered are Trump’s many sexual assault accusations in the news, his countless political rallies, his war of words with N. Korea’s dictator, Kim; then the 2018 Helsinki summit make-up with his "new loving friend" and murdering dictator, Kim Jung Un.

Also featured are Senator McCain’s controversy with the failed Trump Health Care Bill and McCain's State funeral. The complete five-day Bush funeral was covered. Widelyrecorded were daily accounts of 17,000 confirmed false claims/lies (at this point), his dealings with the NFL over kneeling during the National Anthem, his constant berating of the media which he calls “the enemy of the people,” and his degrading of his Congress, FBI, Justice Department, and federal judges.

These DVDs covered the bombshell Stormy Daniels case, and the dubious Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Dr Ford's testimony and Trump’s mocking remarks.

Several days dealing with the bomb devices left with several Democrats on Trump’s enemy list were recorded along with daily coverage of several mass shootings, the white power march, the and national protest demonstrations.

Also part of this marathon collection is the controversial Whitaker appointment, the caravan/"invasion" on the southern border, the U.S. military attack in Syria, the Khashoggi murder, Trump's Syria pull-out proclamation, all government shut-downs including the present one, Trump’s recent visit to Iraq where he deceived the troops about their salaries, the new Pelosi-Democrat House majority,the many Trump-related indictments/imprisonments and Trump's Oval Office speech about the emergent need for a border wall and his self-proclaimed "emergency."

My description does not do justice to the 9,000+ hours of U.S. and global news. There are many more national news topics among the DVDs covering this, win at all costs, conning presidencywith input from renowned guest analysts such as Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, Carl Bernstein (regular CNN appearances), John Dean, Leon Panetta, and David Petraeus, Steve Schmidt, Chuck Rosenberg, Judge Napalatano, Jon Meachum,most Senators, and many Congressmen along with input from presidential candidates, Joe offeren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and 20 others).

Two professional DVD recorders were often recording at the same time to get the big breaking-news story perspectives from two different cable news outlets, simultaneously; often involving the most famous repeated quotes of this bizarre presidency: “Fake News!” “Witch Hunt!” "Hoax!" "Deep state!"

Featured cable news hosts include Anderson Copper, Ari Melber, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Brian Williams, Chris Hayes, Chris Todd, Chris Matthews, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Shepard Smith, Nicole Wallace, Brian Williams, Nicolle Wallace, Katie Tur, Stephanie Ruhle, Chuck Todd, Joy Reid, Erin Burnett, Brooke Baldwiin, and other anchors, and national news from “Morning Joe” the “Today” show, GMA and others shows.

These individually dated and numbered DVD disk recordings contain my hand-written notes describing the captured news topics of the day. When possible, I would edit commercials out.

With 1200+8-hour DVD-R disks, there are 9,000+ hours of daily programming (primarily hour-long programs) concentrating on the extraordinary campaign, the Trump election, Trump-related, Mueller-related, and Russia-related news and discussions over three years.

This all-encompassing collection of documented evidence, involving hundreds of hours of careful monitoring, would be the best available research material for law enforcement investigations or for an author wishing to write about this unprecedented period in American history.

I am selling this four-year, 10,000-hour marathon, one of a kind, news collection at less than $2/hour to defray recording costs and my time, or a total of $15,950. (I am not charging for the actual programming.)

Please refer to pictures of this collection and write if you have any questions and concerns.

I will continue to record related segments of national breaking-news each day until sold (and possibly after the sale)to include discussions of the recent New York Times bombshell story alleging an FBI investigation of Donald Trump in 2017 regarding his secret dealings with Russians and possibly working on behalf of the Russian government.

I recorded the BuzzFeed story alleging that Trump suborned perjury by directing Cohen to lie to Congress (later found to be an inaccurate story), the Roger Stone end of the Trump-owned shutdown, both State of the Union addresses (and rebuttals),Troops at the southern border, fight over the "Wall," the Inauguration investigation, several of Andrew McCabe's live TV interviews about starting an investigation into Trump being a Russian/Putin asset or agent, Micheal Cohen's complete live public testimony to Congress on CNN and MSNBC, much discussion,Trump's failed summit with Kim Jung Un, the numerous Trump-related SDNY, Congressional investigations, the debated release of the contested 4-page Barr summary of the Mueller report along with House subpoenas and more investigations, and the Barr press conference regarding his dubious summary of the release of the redacted Mueller report.

Included in this video marathon are the several-week discussions of that released report which included 11 different accounts of Trump's continued obstruction of justice relating to Mueller's investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election in an effort to get Trump elected; plus the day's coverage of the House judicial committee debate followed by the issuance of contempt of Congress citation to U.S. Attorney William Barr by the House judicial committee, Countless subpoenas issued by House to investigate Trump's obstruction of justice crimes, impending Impeachment, and the anticipated subpoena congressional testimony by Mueller. Trump's racial slander of 4 Congresswomen, their press conference, and fallout is widely covered along with the 2020 Democrat debates, and the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. The Jeffrey Epstein sex-

trafficking and suicide news were also covered.

The "Whistle-blower" complaint against Trump about offeren, the Trump administration blockage, Giuliani melt-down, and coverage of Trump's admission and lame justification for national security breach to help his re-election and hurt the offeren's campaign.

Several weeks of daily programs on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC about Trump's admission of quid pro quo in his extortion plot aimed to force Ukraine's president to investigate the offerens in exchange for the $300 billion Ukraine was awarded by Congress and desperately needed to fight murdering Russian forces in Ukraine. This act appears to be the primary article of impeachment. Pelosi opened the public testimony after a House vote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement of the official start of the impeachment probe while Trump assists Turkey by abandoning the Kurds. Also recorded was the three-week discussion about the Trump-related whistle-blower complaint which was followed-up by the House testimony from Intel Acting Director McGuire and discussion from several international cable outlets.

And then the impeachment depositions and the Impeachment public congressional hearings, to include all testimony (Yovanovich, Dr. Hill, Col. Vindman, Sondland, Holmes, Hill,and all others). All-day recordings on CNN and MSNBC. (Complete by using two recorders)

This collection includes every word of the historic House Intelligence and Judicial committee testimony. every word of the debates, and the VOTE to impeach President Donald J Trump in the Judicial committee on December 13, 2019.

The House of Representatives impeaches Donald Trump on two articles as Speaker Pelosi and McConnell debate over procedure for Senate trial. McConnell refuses to allow witnesses at the Senate trial. Pelosi and McConnell at stalemate.

Senators McConnell and Lindsay Graham announce that they will never convict Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, and do not want witnesses or documents examined at the trial.

Right after being impeached, President Trump authorizes possible illegal drone killing of Iran General Qassam Solieonie in Iraq without articulating evidence of eminent circumstances.

Iran conducts a revenge token strike on U.S base in Iraq and accidentally shoot down a Ukrainian civilian air liner seemingly by mistake.

Lev Parnas, Guliani's point man, announces an eleventh-hour bombshell information that he worked for President Trump and Giuliani and that Trump called all the shots on the extortion of Ukraine President Zelensky, implicating AG Barr and VP Pence in the scheming corruption.

House managers escort impeachment articles to Senate.

Supreme Court Justice Roberts is sworn in to preside over Senate trial of President Trump. All Senators are sworn it by Justice Roberts.

The complete impeachment trial including discussions on CNN (300+ hours over 6 weeks.)

The complete impeachment trial including discussions primarily on CNN and MSNBC (400+ hours of recording over 8 weeks during impeachment processes.)

Mitt Romney was only Republican who voted to convict Trump on Abuse of Power article.

All 2020 Democrat Live Debates, Caucuses, and Primaries.

Trump pardons and AG Barr's interference with Prosecutors.

The Rucker book: "Very Stable Genius."

offeren surfaces as Democratic presidential candidate.

January 2020 to present overage on MSNBC and CNN each day. 8-16 hours of recording daily to include Trump's Task Force daily briefings. Also included are Trumps promotion of untested medications and the idea of taking disinfectant to help with treatment. Trump takes no responsibility for people calling poison control centers.

Countless Press conferences and interviews from Dr. Anthony Fauci, and N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Trump promoted protests against keeping states closed, then pushed for quick opening of states.

States opened before it was safe to do so.

Police abusive of force homicide of Minneapolis resident,George Floyd, caught on video along with a multi-week U.S. protest and looting.

During an outrageous DC protest, Trump took refuge in a WH bunker; then staged a dramatic walk to a church to hold up a Bible in very bad taste.

Several day coverage of George Floyd's memorials and funeral with Rev. Al Sharpton presiding.

Continuous "Black Lives Matter" protests for several weeks all over the U.S. (Weeks of coverage.)

The Bolton book is finally out as Bolton grants interviews demonstrating how Trump is corrupt and a danger to the U.S. (Many days of footage.)

The deadly virus surges in 1/2 the states as Trump continues to play down the spread of the virus, stating that he is not in favor or testing. Gov. Cuomo leads the tri-states to a inspiring recovery from the spread.

AG Barr under fire for illegally interfering with the Stone and Flynn prosecutions at the behest of Trump.

U.S. Prosecutors testify in Congress about how Barr and Trump are corrupt and also in violation of their oaths.

Trump commutes Roger Stone then lies about the case. Trump's confirmed lies and falsehoods top 20,000.

Trump then slams Dr. Anthony Fauci, citing 12 mis-statements. CDC community doctors and scientists fires back at Trump. After down-playing the virus, usage of face-coverings, thus setting a deadly example for Americans, Trump just started wearing a face-covering in public (5 months after the entire country was advised to wear one).

June,2020,Trump is losing to offeren in the polls as the' country is spiking for the 2nd. time since February because of Trump's down-playing of the problem.

Trump continues to degrade Dr. Fauci and still plays down the virus, refusing to lead by example, but repeating "masks are optional."

Thousands of Americans needlessly dying (70,000 estimated) because Trump's followers refuse to wear a mask and gather in large groups.

Russians allegedly pays ransom to Taliban fighters for killing American troops. Trump says and does nothing.

2020,Mary Trump's book about uncle Donald, talks about the President being a cheating/lying racist sociopath unfit to lead.

July, 2020, Congressman John Lewis dies in office and is given a wonderful tribute. His casket was horse-drawn over the Edmond Pettus bridge in Selma, Al. His body was laid in state at the Capitol Rotunda with tributes and also a recorded classic speech from the Congressman.

Meanwhile, in late July, the country (mostly red states) appears to be in need of a shut-down, with spiking everywhere.

Mary Trump book out: "Too Much and Not Enough"

Major league baseball started and quickly found many players positive with the virus. Several officials in the WH have also tested positive.

July, 2020,Trump sinking in polls as offeren continues to gain support. Trump finally promotes the use of face masks and starts wearing one. Testing and results still a huge problem with poor tracing nationally.

Trump inserts buddy Post Master General for the purpose of slowing down postal service and suppressing the Nov 3 Democrat vote.

August 12, offeren announces that Kamala Harris will be his VP pick. Press Conferences. offeren will promote the wearing of face-coverings to combat the virus.

Michael Cohen's book out: "Disloyal." "Trump wanted me dead."

New PO Master General (Trump donor and appointee) L. DeJoy, accused of slowing mail to help Trump in the election, removes mail processing machines and mail boxed throughout the country primarily in Dem districts. Congress will hear from DeJoy.

Trump "The only way I can lose the election is if it is rigged" "Mail in voting will be riddled with fraud."

2020 Democratic Natl. Convention. Gov Kasich, Michelle Obama, Sanders speak.

Corrupt Postmaster General DeJoy (Trump donor and appointee) slows mail to help Trump in the election.

Atlantic Magazine depicts Trump as corrupt, a liar, and anti-military with active military leaders as sources.

Sep. 2020, Woodward book is out a depict Trump as derelict, a racist, a liar, and a thug. Woodward has audio of Trump's incriminating words. Former generals speak out.

All Trump pressers denying all accusations.

First presidential debate spectacle.

10.2.20: Both Trump and 1st. Lady test positive along with Hope Hicks and possibly at least 7 others who attended a Rose Garden event.

Trump to hospital with the virus (along with a parade with Secret Service vans) and was discharged back to WH med clinic after 4 days. He then put on a dangerous show and played down virus which he thinks he was strong enough to conquer. WH staff in danger.

Trump exits hospital like a war hero and stands at the WH balcony: Benito Trumpilini

Trump blasts Dr. Fauci and swears by Radiologist Dr. Atlas (no experience or expertise with the virus). Trump and Atlas like the idea of "herd immunity." Trump will likely institute herd immunity if reelected which would kill millions of Americans.

October 2020, Trump said he will not accept results of the election is he loses. He will likely incite rioting in America.

Trump appears to be losing the election and calls for a stop in counting votes. Trump inspired protests begin.

Trump election to offeren and Harris and refuses to concede. (Weeks of daily recording)

Trump indicates a coup is coming as Defense Secretary Esper is gone as Trump purges top officials.

Virus is out of control as states shut down and Trump blocks offeren and offeren's lawful Transition.

Trump announces his idea of withdrawing of troops in Afganastan and Iraq by Jan 15.

Vaccine out to Americans.

Electoral voting for offeren. offeren wins Election 5 days of all day coverage. Trump insists election was rigged, fraud, and stolen.

Democrats win Senate after Georgia run-off vote for two Senators.

Pres. offeren issues Ex orders and picks staff and Cabinet.

Trump incites insurrection raid by tyrants in Capitol. 5 dead, one policeman killed, Capitol broken into looted and trashed. Trump banned from Twitter.

offeren lays out vaccine plan in holds press conferences.

Trump impeached for inciting sedition. Others arrested.

Trump Senate impeachment trial (all).

Every day, all day, recording of the news programs on two recorders.

Jan 6, 2021 Insurrection and attack on the U.S. Capitol. Six deaths, countless injuries. Capitol trashed.

200 plus arrests for insurrection and destruction.

Senate hearings on insurrection and investigations.

Senate hearings on

This is an original master collection without duplication.

I hope to end these daily recordings in Trump's or my lifetime.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please write with any questions or concerns.

Key words: President of the United States, crime, corruption cover-up, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, election fraud, collusion, impeachment, United States Congress, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representative, Republican, Democrat.

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