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Back Beach Mysteries

This piece comes from a very discreet location in the middle of the woods. The area is known as Back-Beach and for one reason or another has become an abandoned oasis of streams, paths, and other wonders. It isn't a beach as its name would suggest. Rather, it was a stretch of woods in the Haskell borough area. Legend has it that the reason the place has become abandoned is because of a tragic accident that left a mother and her son dead in a river. There are other legends that talk about wolves inhabiting the area and a hermit that steals children who wonder off alone. None of these legends have been proven either true or false by staff at Haunted Curiosities. However, we were able to prove the existence of something else, deep in the woods. It is a secret that is quite sinister and has been kept for a very long time. Supposedly the people that were involved in the murderous cult have all been arrested and charged. It's kind of funny, though, as the political and law enforcement officials were in the cult and there is no record of any arrests of any kinds.

The thing is that we were called to investigate the area by a customer, not because she had encountered anything out of the ordinary, but rather because she thought it would simply be a fun place to investigate. Her enthusiasm eventually proved to be fruitful, as Deedee suddenly encountered a psychic whim and we began to follow a trail of energy that led through the woods in Haskell. It was much like a cartoon, where you see somebody chasing after the smell of the aroma of a fresh apple pie. It led us through a tall patch of grass that was perhaps six to seven feet tall-- taller than all of the staff members we had present with us. It led us through a patch of woods that was roughly half a mile in lenght to a very small clearing that was littered with garbage, old car parts, and the head of a skeleton corpse. There was a small cottage in the middle of the clearing that was littered with a foul odor and had very demonic looking glyphs and grafitti all over, including a pentacle that appeared to painted in blood and dried to the simple concrete floor of the establishment. There were strange artifacts all over, some of which we couldn't even identify. Then, again, we don't really get into the dark side of things.

Anyhow, after a while of investigating, we have determined that the place was left abandoned-- an oasis, if you will, of dark energy, afloat in the middle of the woods outside of the city limits in New Jersey. If was, at one point, the perfect, quaint little place for satanic rituals and sacrificing of souls. The energy of the place was sparked by all of the people that have been murdered as a result of ritualism in the area. It attracted us, but once we were inside there was a particular item that drew our attention. We confiscated the item and brought it back to headquarters with us.

It turns out that not only have humans been sacrificed at this area, but it was also used as a prison for souls that have been collected using this piece. We have set the unwilling souls free. We have also taken this piece, blasted with white light energies and have giving it a positive spin. This item is a white light soul collector. It will allow you to collect the presence of powerful white light beings and entities. These include angels, guardian angels, prophets, saints, and other white light spiritual essences. You can use this piece to amass a wealth and abundance of sheer white light powers. You can use it to obtain the white powers of specific entities such as St Christopher or St Jude. You can also use this piece a a protection piece, as it will open up your psychic connection to your own guardian angel. If you've been looking for the perfect white light item, this is the one for you!
Update-- When we re-tested this item before placing it on , the results were astounding. This piece had a tond of magic in it before, but when we used the piece we were able to summon the presence called the Order of the Green Flame. This is a group of the most holy wealth angels that god has created. They were design to hold the most wealth powers, reserved for the Kingdom of the New Jerusalem. When you use this piece, you will not only get the ability to collecto souls and their powers, you will already get these amazing wealth powers from the beginning. These powers are amazing. They'll help make sure your finances are i order. They will help you in business or to earn higher wages. They will help you finish your education so you can get hired on a a good-paying job. Whatever it is that you do that ca potentially be wealth related, this piece will help you flourish.

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