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VERY IMPORTANT- please read the following info IN ITS ENTIRETY before ordering from us to review our policies on our listings - regarding shipping, condition of comic books, the pictures shown in the listing and how they sometimes differ from released product and ship date expectations etc.

Although we try to be prompt with messages, Please allow us 48 hours to respond to your questions or concerns.

Feel free to add a toploader to your order to help protect your purchases. I have them listed separately - check our store!

Some of our listings are pre-orders.We do not accept cancellations on pre-orders before FOC as we set our orders based on these orders from our customers. In the rare event we do accept a cancellation, a restock fee may apply. This is determined on a case by case basis.

All orders placed together will ship after the last book is received so check the release dates for an idea when your books will ship.

DAMAGES/SHORTAGES: Sometimes we receive damages or are shorted/allocated on our orders by the distributor. This is something that happens unfortunately, from time to time. In this case, we will offer you a refund, to wait for replacements, or a similar book if possible. Thank you for understanding.


Cover art in most of our items are not 'stock' photos. They are, instead, taken directly from the publishers solicitation (in most cases) months before actually being printed. Logos, colors, UPC code, text may be added or changed before final release. Due to time constraints, we do not typically update these photos even after book is released.

Unless otherwise noted in description, these are NOT VIRGIN variant covers.

Unless otherwise noted in description, these are NOT INCENTIVE VARIANT covers.

Occasionally the publisher will solicit art that changes completely for a cover. PLEASE ASK BEFORE PURCHASING if you have any questions about the cover art solicitation and how it differs from the final finished product.In the event the cover art changes, you will receive the correct book you ordered based on the description we posted and actual product released by the publisher. For example, if you order cover A, you will receive cover A, even if the final art changes.


Sometimes we sell out of a book on or near release date and we will try to reorder new books and may list a few more copies before we actually have them. We do this when we receive confirmation that we are getting the books. We will typically but not always move the date out on the listing as an indicator of the expected new date. Due to the volume of orders, this may cause a delay in your order. We unfortunately do not typically send out individual notifications of this due to how busy we are packing/pulling orders to get them out ASAP but will respond to specific inquires regarding your order. Sometimes reorders may be shorted or damaged by distributor/publisher. In which case, we will let you know and offer you a refund or cancellation.

To avoid scenarios of this nature, we ask you to preorder before FOC. We will gladly ship very valuable comic books that have gone up on value

All orders placed together will ship after the last book is received so check the release dates for an idea when your books will ship.



Your order is very important to us. Please refer to the date of release of the book in the description and not the shipping estimate provided by . We generally will ship out books within 1 - 5 business days of books release. This can vary due to the number of orders we have in queue, hot product releases andour shippingstaffing for the week. We receive hundreds of orders every week. We work a lot of overtime to get books out as quick as possible but please be patient. We are going as fast as we can. Also we do reorders on books and sometimes your book that you ordered is still being sent to us from distributor. This can also cause short delays in some orders. Again, please reach out for updates.

Extended wait times: USPS has been experiencing extended shipping wait times in some instances. This is especially true during the holiday season and during the pandemic. Please allow extra time for books to arrive and refer to the tracking for better info on when your books will arrive.

Please note: we sincerely do want you to be happy with your purchase and we have a fair return policy but we do not pay return shipping on items over differences in solicited art and the final manufactured product.

All comics are bagged and boarded, shipped flat, in a special Gemini T-folder box. Larger orders are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes and packed carefully with padding on all sides to avoid corner dings from rough handling by the post office.

We do our best to ship NM 9.2 or better comic books. We do not promise 9.6 or 9.8 raw comics but we do our best to send 9.2 or better - which is a excellent copy that looks brand new with only a few very minor defects. Acceptable minor defects on a 9.2 copy include: a very small amount of spine stresses, very minor instances of denting (two or three at most), slight corner blunting, bindery tears on corners with white showing, small amount of ink transfer from when books are being printed and rubbed against each other, and minor (less than 1/8") bends.

Thicker comics, (40 pages or more) tend to have very noticeable bindery tears in the corners - this happens when a publisher decides to use regular comic book covers instead of going square bound, (I.e. Amazing Spider-man 800, Wolverine 1 from 2019, King in Black #1 - there are many, many others) corner bindery tears are the norm in this instance and acceptable for a 9.2 or greater grade and should not be considered damaged.These are also noticeable on many thinner comics and also is just part of the printing process and acceptable for grades of 9.2 or better.

On the ten-point grading scale, a lower grade like 9.2 will allow these defects in a greater quantity and degree than a higher grade like 9.8, which sometimes may have no discernible defects at all.

In some cases it is possible for a comic shipped brand new from the publisher, or purchased new from a comic store's shelves, to already be in less than near mint condition due to the way the comic was produced, shipped, stored, or handled prior to purchase. In case of an issue like this, you will be notified and we will do our best to work out a solution to satisfy you.

Our response rating is very important to us. Please contact us first if any books have serious problems, send us pictures and we will do our best to work out a solution for you. Negative response will get you blocked from our store as to avoid further problems so please work with us so we can help make it right for you.


Import duties, taxes, and any related charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.If these occur, thecharges are the buyer's responsibility.

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